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Arch Earrings SVG

Have you made your own leather earrings yet? Whether you’ve made a ton, or you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll love all these new free earring svg designs. I made this arch earrings svg, and they’re really easy to make and customize!

You can also see my faux leather earrings and embossed leather earrings tutorials for more Cricut earring ideas.

Free earring SVGs

Supplies and tools for making leather earrings

Cricut Maker or Explore
Deep cut blade
Cricut genuine leather
Iron on Vinyl– optional
Earring posts and backs
Jump rings
Piercing tool
EasyPress or iron

Start by downloading the free earring svg using this form.

This SVG is for Personal Use only. To use this file to make items to sell, please purchase a limited commercial license for $3 to sell up to 500 items with this design.

Leather earring SVG

Upload the svg to Design Space (read this refresher post for how to upload an SVG to Design Space.)

I made my earrings 2.5 inches tall. You can play around with different sizes if you want.

I also decided to give some separation to the cut pieces – see how the circle and the arch are so close together? I didn’t want that tight space to cause problems when cutting the leather.

Here’s the easiest way to do that. Make a copy of the earring pair. Select one set, click Contour, and click the two circles so they disappear. Select the next set, click Contour, and click the two arches so they disappear.

Contour in Design Space

Now you can give the arches and the circles some more space on the mat.

Press the right side of the leather down on a purple mat, or a green mat if it’s pretty new, and insert the Deep Cut Blade in your Cricut Maker or Explore machine.

Cricut leather deep blade

Choose Cricut leather as your material and send it to cut.

If the leather pieces have fuzzies around the edge, go ahead and trim them with sharp scissors.

Assemble Cricut leather earrings

Use a piercing tool (like the one found in the Cricut weeding tool set) and poke holes in the bottom of the circle and the top of the arch.

Punch hold for leather earring

Open a jump ring and use it to connect the two leather pieces. Then close the ring.

Split ring earring

Use E6000 to glue an earring post to the top of the circle part of the earring. Make sure it lines up with the jump ring so that the earring will hang straight!

Post back leather earrings

After the glue dries overnight, you can wear them.

Arch leather earrings

What’s great is that you can experiment with lots of color options. You have all the Cricut leather of course, but you can also add iron-on vinyl to the leather before cutting!

I pressed patterned iron-on to a rectangle of leather. I used my EasyPress at 315 for 30 seconds. Cool before removing the plastic. Then cut with the vinyl side up.

Arch earring svg

I hope that gives you lots of ideas for how to customize these leather arch earrings.

How to make arch leather earrings

PLUS, you can get all of these other earring svgs for free too! Visit each blog to download their design.

free earrings for Cricut



If you’re ever looking for more SVGs to use with your Cricut, check out my Etsy shop here and all the free SVGs on the blog.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.