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Laser Engrave Things You Already Have

We went on a fun mission to explore things all around the house to see what we could engrave with the xTool F1. You too can laser engrave things you already have!

Check out what we found and maybe you can add your own ideas to this list. Post sponsored by xTool. All opinions are my own.

Items at home to laser engrave

Insulated tumbler

Laser settings to engrave coated tumbler

1st Pass: Blue light 100% Power 200 mm/s 160 lines/cm
2nd pass: IR 100% Power 500 mm/s 160 lines/cm

laser engraved tumbler

Outdoor wooden fence

Laser settings to engrave fence post

Same as Wood Coaster Setting: Blue light 100% Power 250 mm/s 100 lines/cm

engraved fence

Plastic side of our white air purifier

Laser settings for white polycarbonate: IR 100% Power 400mm/s 100 lines/cm

* Check the type of plastic when possible, and compare it to a list of safe plastics to engrave *

laser engraved plastic

Garden rock

Laser settings for rock

Same as stone coaster: Blue light 100% Power 500mm/s 90 lines/cm

engraved rock


Laser settings to engrave a pencil

Same as Wood coaster: Blue light 100% Power 250 mm/s 100 lines/cm

engraved pencil

Serving utencils

Settings to laser engrave silverware

Same as Stainless steel dog tag: IR 100% Power 50 mm/s 300 lines/cm

laser engraved silverware

Pocket knife

Settings to laser engrave the side of a pocket knife: IR 100% Power 600 mm/s 200 lines/cm

engrave pocket knife

Glass cup

Laser engrave on clear glass – Black paint on glass first (see more details on this post about laser engraving glass)

Blue light 100% Power 80mm/s 200 lines/cm

engraved glass

Paper tube

Laser settings to cut paper tube: Score Blue 80% power 25 mm/s

Could try faster speed, place a wood guard underneath as cutting lines will go off the end in this particular design.

Laser settings to engrave paper tube: Blue Light 80% Power 225 mm/s 100 lines/cm

engraved paper tube

We gave this one to the cats – and check out how much Stella loves it!


Laser engrave a banjo peg head

Same as Wood coaster: Blue Light 100% Power 250mm/s 100 lines/cm

engraved banjo

How to decide if you should try to laser something?

First, is it made of the same material as something already listed in the xTool materials? Then it will probably laser great, and you can start by matching those settings.

Second, do you have duplicates you can practice on? Pencils, for example, have several sides and are easy to replace, so there’s no worry if you want to tweak your settings a few times.

If you want to engrave an irreplaceable, one of a kind item, the risk is higher.

Third, record your settings that give you the best results. Keep a notebook, or document on your computer, that you can reference when you want to engrave that item, or something similar, again later!

Here’s a settings notebook you can DIY!

F1 Set up and Review post

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.