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How to Organize EasyPress Mats

I love my Cricut EasyPress – learn how I store them and my EasyPress mats! I have all 3 sizes so I can always pick the right size for the project I’m working on. I love their compact size and easy portability. It’s a piece of cake to bring them downstairs if I’m hosting friends for a craft night, or I can even take them to someone else’s house. I’d never attempt that with a heat press. (some links affiliate)

iron with EasyPress

But even though they are easier to manage than a heavy and cumbersome heat press, I still had to find the best way to store them and the EasyPress mats. I’m doing better at “looking up” in my craft space and finding places to hang things, which is perfect for the mats.

All you need to hang your EasyPress mats is a bit of ribbon and some iron-on vinyl.

Hanging easy press mats

How to Store EasyPress mats

  1. Heat the EasyPress to 305
  2. Cut a strip of ribbon 5 inches long
  3. Cut a rectangle of iron-on 3 inches by 1.25 inchesOrganize EasyPress mats
  4. Make a loop in the ribbon and cover the ends with the iron-on vinyl
  5. Press with EasyPress for 20 secondsAttach loop to EasyPress mat
  6. Remove plastic carrier sheet and the mat is ready to hang

Options for the wall are a command hook, a nail (a long one for storing multiple mats,) or even a thumbtack. And now your EasyPress mat is totally accessible, but not in the way.

Hang Easy Press Mats

In my craft room, I have an EasyPress station. It’s a coffee table that we’re not using in our living room anymore. There is space for each EasyPress, and it’s close to an outlet so they can be plugged in when needed.

EasyPress storage ideas

The cubbies underneath hold things like an iron-on protective sheet, and my small craft iron (for projects like adding htv to a hat,)

What is the EasyPress mat?

The EasyPress mat is designed to give flawless iron-on results. Its special layers protect your work surface while reflecting heat back to your project. A folded towel can work to protect your table underneath the EasyPress, but it won’t do as well at maintaining heat and controlling moisture vapor. I’ve used it just for pressing fabric before too!

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Monday 7th of February 2022

Genius! I use skirt hangers to hand my cuting mat off the side of a craft cart, but hadn't thought of this. Thanks!


Tuesday 8th of February 2022

That's a good idea too!

Craft Room Organization Ideas with DYMO | seeLINDSAY

Friday 12th of March 2021

[…] To store my EasyPresses, I grabbed this shoe shelf from Ikea and I store it underneath my desk along with the other bins that I've labeled with my COLORPOP! Label Maker. […]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.