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#WeddingRingWednesday 2

I hope you guys like the collection of wedding ring stories I put together last week. Here are a few more beautiful rings and great stories to go along with them.  See more on Instagram with the hashtag #weddingringwednesday  Thanks to everyone who shared!

1 @chelseaannmain

I guess #weddingringwednesday is a thing on IG now. I don’t have my wedding band yet, but my engagement ring is a 3 carat morganite stone with a rose gold band and diamond halo. Jesse got it from a small jeweler in California & it was exactly what I wanted because I picked it out!  I have an April birthday so my birthstone is a diamond & I wanted something other than a diamond for my wedding ring. 

2 @craftinomicon

We met at a pirate party he didn’t want to have and I didn’t want to go to.#weddingringwednesday

3 @saffroncrafts

We met at grad school – hung out in the same circles and kept running into each other. I ran into him at the library one rainy afternoon and we went to have coffee at the on-campus coffee place. We ate croissants and drank endless cups of coffee until the morning shift staff took over. We had apparently talked all night. Our first date. We’ve been together since. Going to get coffee is still one of our favorite favorite things to do. There is no one I enjoy coffee with more. 🙂 #weddingringwednesday

4 @rycrafty

#weddingringwednesday I love a bandwagon! Hubby picked a low-profile engagement ring so it wouldn’t interfere “with work, or your yarn”. The wedding band was custom made and has a diamond of a pair from his granny. Its mate is in his step dad’s wedding ring, which passed to hubby recently. There’s also a stripe of rose gold that only shows in some lights. Hubby ended up picking a ring with a rose gold stripe too, unintentional matching!

5 @hnija

#weddingringwednesday My husband asked me out two weeks after I started a new job where he works. We dated for almost two years before he proposed to me in a local bar where it was a complete surprise with a dozen long stem roses. We were married three months later. This year is our 5th wedding anniversary and I feel blessed to be married to my best friend. My rings are what he calls “the pacifier” because he promised me custom rings that he has designed. I designed his wedding ring and commissioned it from a local jeweler where they incorporated the gold nuggets that I panned myself from my dad’s gold mine. He loves his ring and I love my pacifier that I will pass down to my daughter. He has given me two great gifts in my life: his love and a beautiful daughter.

6 @starbate

I met my husband on Teddy Thompson’s Facebook page four years ago (yes, really). We got engaged 15 months ago in NYC and celebrated by going to a TT show at the City Winery. The next day we went to Greenwich Jewellers and walked out ten minutes later with a Todd Reed original. The lovely people in the Colorado workshop agreed to make our wedding bands and posted them to Oz so we could exchange them at our wedding 2 1/2 months ago. Seems like only yesterday (well, it’s not like it was *that* long ago, eh). #weddingringwednesday

7 @ilikeorangetoo

#weddingringwednesday. I’ve been with @aquaman65 for 17 years, married for 15. This isn’t my original full set. I have matching wedding and anniversary bands, but they have each cracked in half and are missing stones; I just chalk it up to all the bad luck we’ve had and really don’t care to get them fixed because it just reminds me of all that stuff. Literally everytime we were down on our luck, a stone would fall out or the band would crack!! I don’t think it’s a coincidence either (sort of superstitious) I wear my late gramma’s wedding band instead and it makes me just as happy. And for the record, he doesn’t even wear a band because he’s lost it (in my presence) 3 times!! We just decided that it wasn’t worth it to keep purchasing new ones. Oh well, I still love him with or without one.

8 @lpsimpson

#weddingringwednesday on Thursday! Have loved seeing these pop up in my feed! We’ve been together 7+ years and married for 3! Two boys, one house, one dog and a lotta love and challenges 🙂 Phil proposed on Christmas Day in 2009. He went to so much effort to conceal his plans! This ring is made locally in Wellington. It’s a Celtic symbol and is called eternity. I love that it’s floral and flat! Perfect for me 🙂 x

9 @violetcraft

Justin proposed to me on a giant rock in the Pacific Ocean while the tide came in. As in, we almost got stuck out there. It was incredibly romantic and I had no idea he was proposing until I turned around and he was on one knee. Okay, to be completely honest we mostly almost got stuck because I needed the perfect selfie on the rock before I’d get down 🙂 Saturday is my 11 year anniversary. #weddingringwednesday

10 @mrs_destructsean

#RingTalk: We started discussing “the next step” pretty soon, and I actually went back and forth quite a bit. while I love older styles and admire them endlessly, I always found myself coming back to this classic three-stone-setting sort of ring. Sean proposed to me with exactly what I had in mind. Classic, simple, clean lines. And that stone just blew me away. So clean and sparkly (actually that was my one request: sparkly) And what’s more, he spent months saving for it and picking it out without me ever knowing. He went as far as to have cover lunches and hang outs with a good friend who even checked him in places he wasn’t to throw me off. (If I didn’t trust them both implicitly, this might be a cause for alarm – but anyway) Sean worked with a local jeweler who spent time picking out just the right setting and finding the perfect stone for it, which I think is so sweet in this era of assembly line everything – so few are willing to go that extra mile. (And that is why I love small businesses, but that’s another story for another time) I love my rings and feel absolutely naked without them. That constant reminder of love makes me happier than I can put into words.

11 @missjessm

Before we got married in June by Elvis, we got matching stars… Binded together with a marking that could not be removed…. Then to find a wedding band that would match my bold and un-conventional style led us to this designer ring by @byamt_studio! It is never coming off my finger! I love you @maca710 with all my heart! #weddingringwednesday #love

12 @andasbackpack

We’ve been married for 12 years; together (mostly) for 17. I don’t wear a wedding ring, although I have a diamond solitaire engagement ring and a diamond wedding band. Instead I wear this plain, rose gold NON-wedding ring on my 5th finger. Greg bought it for me as something that is so perfectly me, and our way of saying that it doesn’t matter at all what everyone else does. He wouldn’t love me if I was like everyone else, he loves the snotty, dirty, quiet, snide me. I wear the diamond ring on special occasions, usually when someone else is getting married :). #weddingringwednesday

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.