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Succulent Hoop Wreath

I love the look of a simple, minimalist wreath. Learn how to create this modern trio of wire hoops to make an easy succulent hoop wreath.

how to make a faux succulent wreath

Succulents are perfect for a wreath like this because they are already kind of minimalist on their own. These faux succulents are easy to work with and look great hanging over a couch or on a door.

Supplies for making a succulent hoop wreath

supplies for succulent wreath

Supplies for succulent wreath

Build the Wire Wreath

Lay wire rings down on a table and overlap them. Cut two-inch pieces of pipe cleaner and twist around the rings to hold them in place.

hoop wreath hanging

Remove succulents from their stems and replace with three inches of pipe cleaner. Poke into the base of the succulent with hot glue.

faux succulent wreath tutorial

Decorate wreath with succulents

Add succulents by wrapping the pipe cleaner stems around the wire wreath. Secure with hot glue. Start with some tall succulents to stick out at the edges.

add succulents to wire ring

Then add larger succulents.

faux succulent wreath

Continue around the center part of the ring arrangement until all gaps and pipe cleaners are covered.

how to make succulent wreath
hot glue faux succulents

To hang the wire wreath, use invisible thread or decorative ribbon. Loop it onto the wire ring and then hang from a nail or picture hanger on the wall. You can also attach a hook to the wall and hang the wreath right behind the succulents so the hook stays hidden.

how to make a faux succulent wreath

Walmart has a great selection of realistic faux succulents in a rainbow of colors and they look amazing as décor for weddings or baby showers too!

Yield: 1 wreath

Succulent Hoop Wreath

how to make a faux succulent wreath

Turn a trio of wire hoops into a modern succulent hoop wreath. This minimalist wreath is perfect for both parties and home decor.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 3 wire hoops
  • Assortment of faux succulents
  • Pipe cleaners


  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun


1. Cut pipe cleaners into 2 inch pieces.

2. Overlap wire hoops and hold them in place by twisting pipe cleaners.

3. Remove stems from succulents and replace with 3 inch pieces of pipe cleaner, secured with hot glue.

4. Twist pipe cleaner around wreath and secure with hot glue. Start with tall plants to stick out at the edges.

5. Add larger succulents the same way and fill in gaps, hiding pipe cleaners as well.


Hang the wreath with invisible thread, decorative ribbon, or add a hanger hook right behind the cluster of succulents to keep it hidden.

You can really customize these metal hoop wreaths by choosing the shapes and colors of succulents you like the best. Where will you hang your succulent wreath?

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Deirdre Henry

Saturday 23rd of November 2019

Your decoration is lovely. So different from the usual wreaths and very clear tutorial. Thank you.


Monday 20th of January 2020

Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

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