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How to Use FloraCraft® Decorative Mesh


FloraCraft® Decorative mesh is made of woven plastic threads in a loose weave pattern. It bends easily and holds its shape so it can be used for a variety of décor and craft projects. Because the strands are stiff, they may catch on lightweight fabric, so be careful of snags while using it.

Metallic strands are woven through the mesh to catch the light and make it sparkle. The mesh comes in a variety of colors to match any projects.


Loops can be used to decorate multiple types of FloraCraft wreaths, creating full, fluffy décor that can be customized for any holiday or event.

How to make a deco mesh wreath

Loops on wire wreath

Cut several pieces of pipe cleaner about four inches long. It’s best if the pipe cleaner is close to the same color of the mesh you’re using.

How to attach mesh to wire wreath

Twist pipe cleaners randomly around the wreath.

Pinch up the end of the mesh and secure it by twisting one of the pipe cleaners to hold it to the wire.

Attach mesh to wire wreath

Then create a loop in the mesh and pinch it again and the end of the loop. Wrap the next pipe cleaner around it to hold it in place.

Make deco mesh loops

Continue around the wreath in a zig-zag pattern.

To keep the mesh from shifting, be sure to wrap one of the pipe cleaners around the cross wires of the wreath.

When the wreath is filled in, twist off the last section and cut with scissors.

Loops on foam wreaths

FloraCraft® makes both smooth, extruded foam tube wreaths and crunchy cell structure wreaths. They both work great for building decorative mesh wreaths in combination with U-shaped floral pins.

Mesh wreath floracraft foam

Begin by gathering the end of the mesh and pressing a floral pin into the foam to hold it down.

Foam wreath with deco mesh

As with the wire wreath, create a loop with the mesh and pinch it to complete the loop. Secure it to the foam with another floral pin.

Continue around the foam wreath in a zig-zag pattern. Be sure to move around to the inside and outside areas of the ring and not just the “top.” This way the foam will be completely covered and not peek through.

The process is the same for a foam wreath or a tube wreath.

Make mesh wreath on foam base

Once the base wreath is complete, you can add in ribbons, ornaments, flowers or other embellishments to finish it off.


Deco mesh ball

Mesh tubes are a great way to decorate foam balls and foam wreaths. Since the mesh bends easily and holds its shape, the tubes won’t flatten or sag.

Deco mesh ball tutorial

These tubes can be used to decorate one of the foam wreath shapes. Here we’ll demonstrate on a foam ball to create a large hanging decoration.

How to cut deco mesh

Cut a square of mesh and roll it into a tube.

Rolling FloraCraft mesh

Stick a floral pin down into the center of the tube and then press into the foam.

How to make deco mesh tubes

Repeat this process around the entire foam ball. Keep the pins fairly close together, and rotate their direction in relation to each other.

Using floral pins in foam

As the ball fills in, the tubes will help each other stay sticking out.

Balls like this can be made in solid or mixed colors. Hang them over tables or as part of backdrops for weddings or parties.


Another way to cover foam shapes is to wrap the mesh around.

Deco mesh cone

Start the wrapping with a pin to hold it in place.

Decorate a foam cone with deco mesh

Twist the mesh as you wrap it around. Pin occasionally to make sure the mesh doesn’t shift. The pins don’t stay hidden as well with this method, so keep the pins lined up and then that side will be the back of the project.

Wrap a cone with deco mesh

To finish this foam cone, wrap a small section of mesh around the top and pin it back down over the previously wrapped part of the cone. Cut away the rest of the roll with scissors.


FloraCraft® decorative mesh can also be used to create knots and bows. Decorate packages, chair backs, frames and more.

Use deco mesh to wrap a present

Gather the mesh so the ends can be held in each hand.

Tie knot with deco mesh

Tie around a box to make a simple knot finish.

Present with mesh bow

To make a bow, tie as you would with ribbon and spread bow loops open.

Tie bow with deco mesh

I hope this has given you a lot of good ideas and tips for how to use decorative mesh. Have you made anything will deco mesh before? Let us know!


And here are some more good projects for FloraCraft foam shapes.

Glitter Foam Cones

Glitter cone trees


















White Christmas “Sisters” Wreath

Sisters White Christmas Wreath

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