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Glitter Foam Trees

This post is brought to you by FloraCraft® as part of their Make it: Fun® Team
{Glitter Foam Christmas Trees}

These sparkly, frosty trees are perfect for your Christmas and winter decor. Line them up with some fake snow, ball ornaments and a string of lights. To make these glitter Christmas trees here’s what you’ll need:

FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® foam cones 3 x 2″ (2) and 2 7/8 x 5 7/8″ (1) and 3 7/8 x 11 7/8″ (1)
Paint (white, blue and gold)

FloraCraft® Diamond Dust

FloraCraft® Spray Glitter, Gold


Spread smooth finish on the outside of all the cones (I found that it worked best just using my finger to spread it out.) Let dry. Paint the bottom 2/3rds of the small cones with the gold paint. Paint the two larger cones starting with white at the top and then mixing in a little blue to it as you move down the cone down to the “full strength” blue at the bottom. Let all the paint dry. (I needed to do two coats of gold for it to really look good.

Spray gold glitter on the gold paint. This give them some extra shine and shimmer.

Pour Diamond Glitter into a cookie sheet. Cover blue cones with glue and roll in diamond glitter to coat. Shake excess and let dry.

Make a hole in the bottom center of each blue cone. My StyroCutter worked great to hollow out a spot to push the gold stands into. I didn’t even need to glue them!

Since sparkle is so hard to capture in a flat picture, my husband had the great idea to create a GIF to show off the sparkle. Pretty cool, right?

And there you have them! They’re a perfect addition to any Christmas or winter mantel or other display. (Frozen birthday party anyone?) I hope you’ll make some of these to use in your décor this year. Snap a picture if you do and be sure to tag me on Instagram @steph_crafting_rain or post on my Facebook page so I can share it.

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