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Grinch Slippers

The glitter HTV on these DIY Grinch slippers just makes me happy. Learn how to make some with me.

glitter grinch slippers-2

These Grinch slippers would make a great Secret Santa or office swap gift. Take it up a notch by pairing them with Grinch-themed treats.

Can htv go on slippers?

Yes, you can apply HTV to slippers. If the slippers are super fuzzy – with long fibers, it may look a little funny with HTV holding it down in some places. But most slippers will look good with HTV.

Plain slippers can be found anywhere from the dollar store to Amazon or clothing stores at the mall, depending on your budget. I think white slippers work best, but green could be fun too if you can find them.

These particular slippers have a kind of terry cloth towel texture, and the HTV applies just fine.

how to make grinch slippers

Supplies to make Grinch slippers

How to make grinch slippers

Measure the slipper and size the Grinch heads to fit. Pay attention to the shape of the slipper, and don’t make the design too close the edges and rubber sole. You don’t want to accidentally touch and melt it with the iron.

Cut all the different colors – remember to mirror! If you feel comfortable using SnapMat on an iPad or iPhone, you can easily cut all the different colors on the same mat which saves time.

Weed away extra vinyl and start layering on the pieces.

Apply the black base first- it creates the outline for everything later.

grinch slippers diy

Read this post for tips on using HTV

Then add the glitter pieces, one at a time. Make sure that the black vinyl is always protected from touching the EasyPress directly.

I didn’t do it in this order, but I think it would be best to line up the red for the hat, then the green for the face, then do the silver. That way you can keep a consistent outline of black without the glitter designs shifting too much.

Add the eyes last to get the correct positioning. Go back to reference the design if you need to.

And then they’re done!

So I think now is the time to discuss the very most important topic – which version of the Grinch movie is your favorite? I think I will always vote for the cartoon I grew up watching 🙂

Here are some Grinch options from Amazon if you want to add something more to this gift.

diy grinch slippers

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.