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Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath for the 4th

This dyed coffee filter wreath is perfect for the 4th of July. But you can change the colors to anything you want!

dyed coffee filter wreath

We currently have a ton of projects going on around here right now, one of which is having our hall bathroom remodeled–always awesome right before you go out of town, right?  

It should be finished up today, and we’ll be back to having 2 toilets in the house. Woohoo! But I’ve wanted to throw this wreath together for a while now, and not being able to leave the house (since we’ve had workers here) gave me the opportunity to get it done.

Supplies for July 4th wreath

I made colored coffee filters the same way I did for my yellow wreath in my porch makeover. I used paint to make red and blue colored water and dipped the filters down in it.

My dish here is a small cake pan. It was easier than a bowl because the bottom is flat! I pie plate would work well too.

When they dried (helped by my hair dryer) I cut them into flower shapes. Stack the filters and cut several at once to save time.

I cut a circle out of cardboard (doesn’t even have to be perfect, but the rounder the better of course 🙂 and painted it white.

Then to assemble it, I made blossoms by pinching the center of each coffee filter and pulling it down into a “badminton birdie” shape. Then with my glue gun I glued 3 of those together, just at the point.

Then I glued 4 blue blossoms down on the top left part, and filled in the rest with red ones.

It’s now hanging from the same burlap strip that the yellow one was–and I attached it using a small binder clip!

How’s your 4th of July decorating coming?  (To be honest, this is probably all I’ll do!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.