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Spring Porch Update

Spring wreath and drawer planter ||
This post was for a round of a crafting competition. The theme was spring, but you can see I didn’t have spring weather!

There were 3 parts to my whole porch set up here (though maybe I can’t call it a porch if it’s really just a front step)

First up, the painted doormat.  I had a mat there already, but it was not exciting at all.  I used some paint I already had and just tried to really smoosh it down into the fibers.  This splattered like crazy, so I was glad I had the whole mess down on paper in the garage.

Next there was the drawer planter.  My husband recently bought an old camper trailer and had it fixed up to be a home office in the backyard (that’s a post for another day!) and I claimed the drawers from the little kitchen set up that was in there.

I cut the fence boards into (8) 24-inch pieces and nailed two together at an angle to create 4 legs.  Then I placed the drawer on top and nailed it on.  Using the largest drill bit we have, I put several holes in the bottom of the drawer.

I painted then sanded the sides of the drawer and put a piece of burlap in the drawer to keep the dirt from falling through the holes, and left some sticking out over the edges too.  Then it was ready for dirt and flowers.  Asher helped with that part and had a great time getting dirty.

Third was the wreath.   The steps of dying and cutting the filters I borrowed from Martha Stewart–though instead of food dye I diluted some craft paint in water.  After they dried I cut the petal shapes.
How to make Coffee Filter Flowers on
Here’s where I did my own thing.  I glued 3 of them together to make these blossoms.  Then I glued them down onto a cardboard ring I’d painted white.  I filled in a few of the empty spaces with single filters and glued a strip of burlap to the back to hang it.

Here’s everything set out in the front of our house.

Notice the mossy blocks there in the corner–go ahead and stare, it’s natural!  I have to laugh a little, because while the rest of the world is fascinated with all things mossy right now (gluing it to monograms, wrapping it around candles, etc)  I’ve been waging war against it in my lawn.  I spent most of last spring and fall trying to get rid of it, and I finally gave up.  My grass looks green because it’s really moss.  These blocks grew this moss all on their own in the back yard so I decided to just embrace it and include them in the design here.

Phew, thanks for reading to the end!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

4th of July Coffee Filter Wreath

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.