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Design Space Actions Defined

The Cricut Minute #3

We’re staying in Design Space again today, but next week our tip will be something project-specific. This is the combine tool bar on the bottom left of Design Space. It gives options on what you can do when two (or sometimes more) objects are selected at the same time.

For more details, read this post about all the combine tools in Design Space. There is also a free PDF to download, and it is the perfect cheat sheet to remind you what everything does, with visuals, and if the action can be “undone” or not!

Today’s Tip: Design Space Action Tool Bar

SLICE – cuts along two overlapping shapes, creating new shapes. Think “cookie cutter.”
ATTACH – Shapes cut exactly as positioned, on the same mat. Overlaps will be cut through.
FLATTEN – Turns selected shapes into one print then cut image.
CONTOUR – Turn off or on any cut line in a design.
WELD – Combines selected shapes into a single outline cut.
UNITE – Similar to WELD, but can be undone. Can’t slice anything from this new shape because it’s not considered a single cut.
SUBTRACT – Similar to SLICE, but you’re only left with one shape. Deletes the top layer and anything underneath it.
INTERSECT – New shape is only what overlapped.
EXCLUDE – Anything overlapped disappears.

Why the combine tool bar is Useful

  • Much more control over the editing you can do in Design Space
  • Remove just part of a design or image to replace it with something custom

Some posts where I have used these actions in Cricut projects

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.