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Address Labels with Cricut

Sending mail can be almost as much fun as receiving it when you dress up the envelope with address labels with Cricut.

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Create label in Design Space

Address labels are easy to make in Design Space. Common sizes for a return address label are around 2.6 inches wide by 1 inch tall.

Print then cut address labels

Start by creating a rectangle that’s 2.8 inches wide by .8 inches tall.

Type 3 separate text lines. The first is your name. The second and third are your address. By keeping them as separate lines, they will be easier to space properly.

Design Space lines of text

Choose a font for your name. Feel free to make your name a different font and slightly larger size than the address lines.

Fonts of the address lines should be something easy to read.

Isolate each line to letters to fix any spacing issues – see this series of posts about using text in Design Space for lots of help with that.

how to weld text

Attach each text line separately, then fit them in the box.

cricut address stickers

Add images to address labels

Find images you like in Design Space, or upload your own images. Size and place them inside the label rectangle also.

With the labels all designed, it’s time to make them printable. Select a rectangle with everything in it and click Flatten. Repeat this will the other label designs.

flatten in Design Space

Place a new rectangle on the canvas and size it to 6.75 wide by 9.25 tall. Duplicate the labels and fit as many as you can inside the new rectangle – this is the available area for printing from Design Space.

size of Cricut print and cut

Then delete the large rectangle.

Save the project now so you don’t lose any work if the printing step stalls out.

Print then Cut supplies

  • Full sheet sticker label paper (this is matte, shipping label sticker paper – it’s perfect for single use stickers that don’t need to be waterproof. It’s also great for planner stickers because you can easily write on it.)
  • Cricut
  • Printer

Print and cut return address labels

Load a sheet of printable vinyl into your printer and follow these Cricut print then cut instructions.

Cut the labels on the Cricut and they’re ready to use!

Cricut return labels on envelopes

Use this same technique to make address labels for the recipient too, just using a larger size rectangle. This is especially useful if you have anyone that you regularly send cards or letters to.

Think how cute custom return address labels will be on your Christmas cards or invitations!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.