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Cover a Stain with Iron on Vinyl

Have you ever gotten a stain on a favorite shirt that just won’t come out? Or been embarrassed by something that ended up on a kids’ shirt? This simple tutorial will show you how to cover a stain with iron on vinyl!

What kind of shirt can you cover a stain on?

You can fix any shirt that can handle heat, or that you could apply any HTV design on. It will also be easier to cover the stain if it doesn’t go over a zipper or collar.

This iron-on vinly hack is a great way to extend the life of a shirt or even a pair of pants! Save it from the landfill and make it a new statement piece in the process!

This shirt lost a fight with a marker and the washout attempt just made it worse.

fix stain on shirt

First, measure the area of the stain to make sure your design is big enough to cover it. But don’t be afraid to go much bigger as well!

Decorations on a shirt don’t have to be front and center either. Use this technique on sleeves, over a shoulder, or on just one side of the shirt.

Ideas for designs include flowers, geometric shapes, hearts or stars, swirls, etc. Get creative with colors and layers too.

For this shirt, I did a purple background and black lines on top.

position htv over stain

Set the temperature for the HTV you are using, and press.

small easypress 2

Then continue with any other colors and layers you are using. Make sure that all layers are protected from the EasyPress plate each time.

cover shirt stain with htv

Can you think of any pieces of clothing in your drawers or your kids’ closets that you can save with this trick?

The following supplies will come in handy for covering a stain with iron on.

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Judi Johnson

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

I have a pile of clothes stained waiting for HTV! But I wanted to tell you about something else I did. I bought a few shirts from a discount place that were really cheap. When I got them home they had tiny little holes around the neck. So I took my HTV scraps and cut out some hearts ironed them around the neck and three years later the shirts are going strong.


Thursday 4th of November 2021

Love this idea! I have another post coming up where I patched a hole in a zipper pouch - I'll have to include this tip from you too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.