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Sunglass Case with Faux Suede

Make an easy sunglass case with faux suede – no sewing needed – to protect and keep track of sunglasses.

I recently heard that people in Seattle buy more sunglasses than anywhere else. It made me laugh – as we get similar gray weather in Southwest Washington too. Why would that be?

I have a couple of theories. I think that first of all, our eyes are so often shielded by some (or alot) of cloud cover, so when the sun does come out, it seems all the more blinding to us.

no sew sunglass case pattern

Then, since we can’t remember the last time we needed them, we also can’t remember where we last put them, so we need another pair 🙂

Whether or not that’s true, I have managed to keep this pair around for a while because I made this DIY sunglass case for them.

Supplies to make DIY sunglass case with faux leather

Fold the faux suede sheet around your sunglasses to get an idea of the size needed, then cut the suede down to size.

Cut 1 inch strips of iron-on vinyl – these will be used to close up the seams of the pouch without sewing.

Start with one short end. This will be the bottom of the case. Lay one strip of iron-on vinyl underneath like in this picture.

diy no sew sunglass case

It takes a bit of finagling. Is that a word? You have to press one side of it, then fold up the suede and press the other side. If you try to do it folded and at the same time, no heat really gets to the bottom layer and that HTV won’t stick.

htv to hem edges

Protect the faux suede with a teflon sheet, or something similar, so it doesn’t get scorched from the iron. Press then flip to the other side to seal the seam.

put htv on faux suede

Trim whatever hangs over the edges and press the long open side of the pouch.

iron on vinyl to hem

Add an iron on strip to the other long side as well, even though it doesn’t need it. It’s closed, becuase it’s the fold in the suede, but it looks better with the 3 sides framed like that.

sunglass case diy

To really finish it off, cut a decorative border of your choosing and add it to the top. Look for “border” in Design Space to see what you like. This just goes on the front of course – don’t fold it over and close the opening to the case!

diy faux suede sunglass case

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Thursday 10th of February 2022

What a cute and fast idea for a glasses case! These would make nice gifts too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.