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Schedule Wall with Printable Calendar

With our first day of school fast approaching I knew it was time to revamp our schedule wall.  We don’t have a great mud room space or command center or place to hang all of our stuff we might need as we walk out the door.  But we do have this one wall, right behind our dining table.  It’s been working for us as a good place to hold important school papers and put the kids lists of daily responsibilities.  You can see in the before picture though that it needed some work.

The small bulletin board hasn’t even been used lately, so it was just wasted space, and the magnet board was overcrowded.

I had a large bulletin board that I picked up at a church rummage sale about a year ago for $2.  I took it apart and covered the board with gold dot burlap, pulling tight around the back and securing with hot glue.  I painted the frame black using 2 coats of satin multi-surface paint from DecoArt in “Black Tie”  

Putting these things back together is always the hardest part.  I put a few dabs of E6000 around the inside edges and then pushed the frame pieces back on.  To keep the corners together I took staples from the staple gun and hammered them in by hand.  Worked like a charm!

No bulletin board is complete without new pushpins, so of course, I made some!  I bought some pink sparkly flat “beads” from the jewelry section of Michaels.  Just a bit of E6000 holds them on perfectly.

Then I made a faux clipboard.  I didn’t want the weight of a regular clipboard, but I liked the look.  This is just a piece of foam core board the I wrapped in wood grain print contact paper from the dollar store!  The clip came from a magnet set I’ve had for a while. I pried the magnet off the back and attached it to the board with E6000.  When that was dry I  added two thumbtacks to the back of the board, again with E6000, and pushed it right into the bulletin board.

The calendar here is how we keep track of when library days are, when lessons or extra classes are.  It’s the only way we ever get those library books back to school 🙂

I made two different printables…one that has just the school days on it, and another that includes Saturday and Sunday.  It’s sized to be 8×10 when printed (I trimmed the edges a bit in the one above)  So it would fit exactly into a frame to be used as a dry erase board too!
M-F printable calendar

Full week calendar 

Download calendars using this form

Here you can easily get all the things you’d need for the thumbtacks: 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.