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Reset Your Day in Just 15 Minutes

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You know those days when you can jump out of bed totally rested and ready to take on the day? Everything you need is right where you look for it, everyone gets ready for school on time, and you get through your to-do list with no snags at all? Um, can I have one of those days? Most of the time, things come along and throw us off, and we just have to adjust a bit to make it through. No big deal.

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But sometimes there are days where I really feel like I’m dragging. Maybe I stayed in my pajamas too long working on my own homework after the kids went to school. Maybe something happens that messed up what I had really been looking forward to. I’m trying to not let those things ruin my whole day any more though, and I’ve found some things that help and I want to share with you. In 15 minutes or less, you can do an activity from this list and reset your day. Take charge, and decide that the rest of the day will go better!

As a bonus, pair any of these activities with new Milka Oreo Chocolate bars from Walmart.


• Spend 15 minutes cleaning your kitchen. You’ll be invigorated with the quick difference in the before and after.


• Relax your neck. Warm the back of your neck with a heating pad for 5 minutes. Then do some neck stretches. Do shoulder rolls forward and backward, stretch neck leaning 30 seconds each side. Move slowly, and remember to breathe.

• Text a friend to say hi and let them know you’re thinking of them. This always helps me feel less isolated.

• Release muscle tension. Lay on a bed or couch in a dark room. Add relaxing music if you like (try an app or YouTube for some spa music.) Starting with the muscles in your feet, tighten or flex for 8 seconds, then relax for 8 seconds. Move up to leg muscles, core muscles, arms, and even face muscles. Repeat a couple of times, then to finish, flex all muscles, hold for 8 seconds, and then relax. It’s magical how this makes you feel less stressed!


• Enjoy a treat. These Milka OREO Chocolate Candy bars that I posted about last week are becoming a fast favorite. A few little squares wake up my taste buds and just make me happy!

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• Get some fresh air and take a 15 minute walk. Just a quick circle around your neighborhood will get those endorphins pumping and you can handle what you have left at home or work.

 What about you? What seems to work for you when you need a little pick-me-up, or something to turn your day around? And, try these Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars and tell me what you think!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.