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Rachel and the TreeSchoolers

I know lots of you have been out of school for weeks, but we’ve got one left to go here…at least for my older girls. My son graduated from preschool yesterday. Look how cute!

During the summer it can be a struggle to know how to balance free time, screen time, structured time, etc. 

Learning playing and relaxing are all important parts of a good summer I think! Then when it comes to TV time, it can be hard to find decent stuff that entertains the kids and doesn’t make you want to pull out your own hair. Am I right?

I want to know if any of you have done baby signing with your kids and ever watched Signing Time? We didn’t do very intensive signing, but we learned/taught each of our kids some signs and it was so useful (and cute) to have them communicating with us before they could speak well!

Rachel Coleman wants to continue making kids smarter and is working with a Kickstarter campaign to get her the rest of the way to $200,000 to make more episodes. The deadline is the end of Saturday but she still has $70,000 left to go.

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is awesome educational programming for pre-school aged children. Preview one of the episodes by clicking 
A Rainy Day
Trees and Flowers
Incredible Insects

I almost couldn’t finish writing this post because Asher was mesmerized by the shows I’d pulled up! Here’s the funny story for this photo. Asher was riding his bike and since it was raining a bit I was sitting and working in the back of the van with my laptop. He came over as soon as he heard the show start up and I snapped this pic 🙂

The shows use layered learning and teach multiple concepts at the same time. Can you believe networks have actually told her that her content is too educational for television?! You can help get this programming to your kids and others by helping with her Kickstarter!

Share this post with your family and friends who would love to see more of these episodes created to make learning fun for your kids and we can make it happen!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.