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Purple Dresser Makeover

How to paint a purple dresser makeover with Country Chic Paint.
Back in the summer we decided it was finally time to start working on decorating the kids rooms. We’ve lived here over a year, and have recovered from the burnout of remodeling pretty much the entire main floor of our house, you know, floors, paint, bathroom, baseboards, kitchen, tile, the works!
(I partnered with Country Chic Paint and D Lawless Hardware on this dresser makeover)
purple dresser makeover
The first item of business was to find dressers for each of the girls. We lucked out and found 2 dressers from the same lady on Craigslist so we got both at the same time.

Several months ago I showed Emily the colors page on the Country Chic Paint website. She fell in love with the Perfection over Vanilla Frosting combo.  I knew the curvy lines and ridges of this dresser would be an awesome match for the paints.

old dresser makeover before

To prep the dresser I filled in some holes so I could use new hardware, I removed the decorative swirl from the front, and I sanded down the some uneven places left by the original finish. 

updating look of old dresser

Emily and I worked on the dresser together, by first painting 2 coats of Vanilla Frosting (all-in-one) on all the areas we were going to distress later. 

We didn’t paint the entire dresser white though. After letting it dry for a full day, I took the Beeswax bar and rubbed it on all the areas we’d painted. This would make it easier to rub the purple paint off later.

white base coat distressed dresser

Next came 2 coats of Perfection. After the second coat had dried about an hour it was time to distress. It was easy, and I simply used a wet washcloth to rub away the purple paint where we wanted the white to show through.

how to distress two coats paint

I applied natural wax to the whole piece and buffed it to a beautiful satin finish with a cloth. I have found that a microfiber cloth that’s already been through the wash a few times is the best cloth to use. I’ve tried old t shirts, old flour sack towels, and those all seem to still have some lint in them.

white knobs on purple dresser

The icing on the cake was the new pulls and knobs I put on the dresser! You can find the white ceramic knobs and the white/ pewter pulls both at D Lawless Hardware. Don’t you just love them! What do you think of our new purple dresser? 

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Rebecca Payne

Friday 1st of October 2021

Fabulous job!


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Thank you!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.