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Paint Chip Magnets

Are you mesmerized by the rainbows of colors on display at the paint chip wall in hardware stores? Maybe you’ve even grabbed some for craft projects. Find out how to cut paint chips with your Cricut and make all kinds of colorful projects, including my paint chip magnets. (some links are affiliate)

I discovered that my paint chips cut best when I put them face down on the mat. So you can experiment with that if you want.

To make the magnets, open a new project and add some basic shapes. Each of mine were only 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

Cricut SnapMat

I then used the iPad SnapMat feature to place the shapes exactly. Using the Design Space app, click Make It on the project and look for the camera icon on the bottom left. Add paint chips to a mat and set the mat on the floor. Position the iPad over the mat and line up the edges with the edges of the mat. The iPad will automatically grab a picture when it’s lined up. Accept the picture if it looks lined up right to you and then you can drag the shapes around to where they will cut on the mat. (SnapMat is currently only available for iPads and iPhones.)

Cricut snap mat

Since I was cutting the paint chips upside down, I made a mental note of where I kind of wanted each cut to be. Cutting anything face up would be easier to position of course.

Make the Paint Chip Magnet Shine

Cut the shapes and press them back onto the mat. Apply a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (you can buy some here). The sticky mat holds the pieces still while you’re adding the Mod Podge. Let the coating dry for at least 3 hours. If any bubbles are left, pop with a needle, or try dragging them off the edge of the shape.

Here’s how they look once the Dimensional Magic has dried. See how it gives them a super shiny clear layer?

Add a drop of Mod Podge or other glue to the back of each paint chip piece and stick on a tiny magnet, then let that dry.

Then your paint chip magnets are ready to use! What shape and colors would you choose?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.