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“Orange You Glad” Valentines

Here’s the reason I wanted to create an orange you glad Valentine for my kids classrooms. My kids have been obsessed with knock-knock jokes lately.  The ones by the 4-year-old are almost the funniest because they make no sense at all.  He often starts off with “Banana…  Banana who?” a few times.  And then he’ll make up something totally unrelated.  Of course, the real ending is “Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?”

So when I suggested to my girls that we use a similar phrase on their valentines this year, they loved the idea.  Here’s what we came up with.
orange you glad we're friends
I made up printables that you can use too.  You’ll get 4 labels on each sheet…and there are 2 versions.  On the back it will either say To and From  or just From.  I know for my girls it’s part of their homework to write out each of their classmates’ names on the valentines.  In other places kids may only need to sign their own names. I made both options.
Orange you glad Valentine
You’ll need:
Orange slice candy
Small candy bags (got mine at Michaels…cut or fold down tops if they’re too tall)
Cardstock or printer paper and color printer
Paper cutter

(If you are required to send “unopened” packages to your child’s class, you could use a real orange or an orange sucker)

To assemble:
Print labels (download links below)
Cut labels–cut paper in half at 4.25 inches and 5.5 inches
Have your child sign the cards
Fold labels in half at 2.75 inches
Place orange slices in the bag and staple the label over the top of the bag

Click to download To and From label
Click to download From only label

And hey….thank you for being my friends 🙂

I have more printable Valentines too!
Pixy Stix Valentine
Pixy Stix Valetine printable

Olaf Valentine (on Undercover Tourist)
Olaf warm hug Valentine

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