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Make a Splash BOWS

Welcome to February’s edition of Make a Splash.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the projects I’m sharing today.  I had some very talented ladies who were all assigned the Secret Supply of Bows.  I told them to interpret it anyway they wanted, whether making a bow or putting a bow on something–they got very creative.  Check it out!

Kara from Mine for the Making 

Felt Bow Bracelets

Hi my name is Kara & I blog over at Mine for the Making about crafts, recipes, frugal decor, mommy adventures, teaching ideas, and printables. I made my daughter & I easy, no-sew Felt Bow Bracelets for the Bow Challenge. Come visit me for the tutorial! {}
**No-sew is always a winner, plus so cute that you made one for your daughter too.  My girls would love these!**
Christina from I Gotta Create 


Party Hats

Hi everyone! This is Christina from I Gotta Create!  It’s a pleasure to be visiting here at Steph’s place to help Make A Splash!  When I heard this month’s mystery challenge would be bows, I couldn’t wait to put my commitment to R3 to work. What’s R3? Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose. With Love.  This project is R3 in more ways than one. Can you guess what my pom-pom “bow” is made of? Come on over and let me show you how to turn plastic grocery bag “trash” into gift bow and party hat treasures!

**I love your 3 Rs–and how your project turned out.  I’ll definitely be coming over to see how you made them!**


Tonia from The Gunny Sack 

Bow Hair Clips
**Tonia’s making me even more antsy for spring with these lovely bright colors.  These would be adorable on any girls pig-tails!**
D from The Shady Porch


St. Patrick’s Day Wreath
**D added a cute tulle bow to her green wreath made out of scarves from the Dollar Tree!  Way to be prepared for the next holiday!  I think the stripey scarf is my favorite.**



Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase  

Kite Wall Art 

Hi everyone! When Steph told us our challenge for this month was to create something using “bows” I was a little stumped at first 🙂 I wanted to make something that I would use in my home decor, and I finally came up with this idea! A 3-D art project for my baby girl’s room. The “kite” was the perfect way to incorporate some of these cute felt bows {I love these things, and they are so easy to make!} For more info on the bow tutorial I used and details on the project, visit us at My Sister’s Suitcase. Thanks for inviting us!
**Love the unique way of using bows here.  Plus the rainbow colors are beautiful!**
(and me-Steph,  Crafting in the Rain)
Bow Scripture Bag

Our oldest daughter just turned 8 and for her gift we gave her her own set of scriptures and I made this bag for her to carry them in.  That’s right, in the space of about a week I made *2* bags with box corners…and they weren’t scary!  I combined two tutorials to make it, since I needed the dimensions of the first one and I loved the bow and pleat on the second.  

Scripture tote from Quilt or Stitch?
Tohoku Tote from I am Momma Hear Me Roar

Thanks so much again ladies for playing along this month and for your great projects.  We’d love for you to pin these to Pinterest, but please click over to their blog to pin from the original source.  They’ll love you for it 🙂  You can see all past projects on this page.

Remember if anyone else wants to join in the challenge, leave me a comment and let me know.  I have spots open starting in the summer! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.