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Laundry Room Organization

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I finally came up with a bunch of good ways to organize my laundry room! And let me tell you, I know how spoiled I am to have a laundry room. Our last house had the washer and dryer out in the garage (talk about limited motivation to switch the load of laundry when it was cold out!) So now with a dedicated laundry room inside our house, I’m turning it into a well-organized space.

First I made a plan about what I wanted to change in the laundry room. To give you a point of reference, here’s the laundry room before picture:

I was also thinking ahead to having guests visit for the holidays. Sometimes house guests need to do laundry during their stay, and I wanted the room to be clean, and stocked with all the supplies they’ll need for doing laundry. Looking at the shelves I knew I needed some kind of baskets or containers to corral the cleaning supplies and blankets. I mean, just look how messy those boxes are with sheets just hanging out of them. I also needed to clear off the top of the dryer.

A big part of making this happen was a shopping trip to Big Lots. I was greeted immediately by one of the cashiers then grabbed a cart and headed to one side of the store. I found the wire and fabric baskets and knew they’d look great on my shelves.

I also made sure to pick up some other essentials like toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and cleaning wipes.

I was so excited when another employee helped me to find an iron at Big Lots, since my old one had been dropped — the water reservoir had cracked so I haven’t been able to steam out any wrinkles!  Visitors might need to use the iron too after packing clothes tightly in a suitcase for travel. She also saw me looking at the Command Hooks and told me where another section was in the store that had the regular Command Strips. So I got some of both!

I used a tray on the dryer to corral my laundry soap canister, iron and stack of dryer sheets. This keeps the noise down too because the glass jar isn’t rattling on the dryer any more.

It was easy to find everything I was looking for, plus extra surprises I just had to have.

One of the funnest things was decorating the wall behind the washer and dryer. See the wallpaper there? It’s actually shelf liner–and yep, also found at Big Lots!

You’ll need a razor blade, scissors, and a metal ruler to make this process as easy as possible. I used 3 rolls to cover this area. Be sure to wipe down the wall first, especially because there will probably be some dust and lint on the wall in the laundry room.

Start with one section, remove the backing and press the liner onto your wall, lining it up in the corner. Smooth out bumps or wrinkles. Up under the shelf I used the metal ruler to run the razor blade along and cut the liner. For the next section, you want to try to match up the pattern as closely as possible. Then press it down again and trim against the shelf. Repeat until the wall is covered, cutting out spaced needed, like for the shelf bracket. I love that it’s a totally inexpensive, temporary way to add something fun to that wall.

Back to the rest of the laundry room though, I’m so glad it have it more organized. The baskets made a big difference in how the shelves look too.

What’s your favorite laundry room organization tip? What’s your favorite change I made to my laundry room?

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MrsMajor Hoff

Thursday 13th of October 2016

Very cool! I'm a command hook addict! LOL

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.