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How to Organize the Junk Drawer

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Ok friends, what kinds of things live in your junk drawer? I found pens and pencils of course, stamps, binder clips, nail clippers, Box Tops, 5 rolls of regular tape, 1 roll of packing tape, 2 rolls of painters tape (and how come it seems like we’re always out of tape?!), screwdrivers, headphones, and actual trash. I could hardly even open the drawer anymore!

But what if it were cleaned out, and organized? And what if it had something fun it in, like gum? Thanks to Extra® Gum, my kids now call it the gum drawer. “Give Extra, Get Extra, now applies to organization. It’s easy to keep stocked up with the new Extra® 35 stick packs, so we can grab a piece of Extra® Gum Spearmint or Extra® Gum Polar Ice® whenever we like. The durable packaging means it will hold up just fine in the drawer. And I can find a pencil when I need to!

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1) Take everything out of the drawer and sort into piles. Throw away trash.
2) Wipe or vacuum out the drawer. (Take it all the way out so you can clean it well, and easily get the dividers all the way to the back.)
3) Measure where you think you’d like some dividers to go.
4) Buy some cheap wood–get the 1/4 x 3 inch pieces (I got 4 of the 2 foot lengths but ended up using only 3 of them. And they’re under $2 per piece)

5) Buy some kind of wood glue. I used Liquid Fusion and it worked awesome.

6) Measure the first divider piece and cut. Fit into the drawer and measure another piece. 
Lay out some of the things that will go back into the drawer to make sure you like the layout.

7) When you have all the wood pieces in the right places, secure with some glue and let dry. I only glued the joints–the pieces aren’t actually glued to the drawer. This way I can easily take out the insert and clean the drawer. And it means you can do this in drawers if you rent.

8) Put necessary items back in the drawer (items with lots of extras should find a new home–restock the drawer when needed)

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Emily Stephens

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

You're a genius! My husband built something similar for our silverware drawer, but I never thought to have him tackle the "junk drawer" too! Having it organized would certainly make it easier to find our Extra 35-stick packages! #client

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.