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How to Clean Your Washi Tape

Today’s post is a short one…just a little trick I figured out over the weekend that came in quite handy.  You probably didn’t even know you needed this tip, but now you’ll thank me 🙂

Whether you have a museumstyle collection of washi tape or just a couple of rolls, and whether you have them laying in a drawer or all stored in a fancy tape dispenser, chances are one of them is going to roll off your table and end up on the floor.  

I’m not judging the state of your floors if you promise to not judge mine…but also, chances are that while on the floor the edges of your tape are going to pick up some little bits of lint or pet hair or crumbs or dust or something.  Because it’s tape, and the edges are sticky!

You probably won’t even notice until the next time you pull of a strip of tape from that roll and suddenly the pretty little piece you just laid down has stuff stuck to the sides of it.

Here’s how you fix it:

Tear off a piece of packing tape (because it’s super sticky) and press it down on the side of a roll of washi tape, rub your thumb around in a circle on it a couple of times and pull up the packing tape.  Voila!  No more dusty bits on your tape!

Repeat on the other side and then store your roll, hopefully where it will stay clean.

You can see I need to think about another solution for mine as it’s nearly spilling out of my current jarHow to you store your rolls of washi?

Need ideas for washi tape projects? How about:



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Michele M Watkins

Thursday 25th of October 2018

I want to use copper washi tape with a lap quilt I am crocheting to give a metallic texture in part of it. Does anyone know if you can wash it in the washing machine on delicate? I plan on trying it but can't find anything online about this topic.


Monday 5th of November 2018

I haven't ever tried anything like that, but since the washi tape has such a paper-y texture, I think it might disintegrate in the wash.

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