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Have We Been Lied to About Bloglovin?

Is Bloglovin really helping bloggers, or just themselves?  I’m asking this honestly…as I don’t really know.  Do you?  

Remember back in July when Google Reader quit and we were all forced to find another way to follow the blogs we love to read?  I made the jump to Bloglovin, like so many others, but I don’t believe it’s the best fit.  

One thing I liked was that everyone kept saying “When you read through Bloglovin, the page views still count for the actual blog.”  Did you guys all read this too?  Why is it then that as I click through to older posts in my list, the url at the top of my page still says “…..”?  Does the blog I’m actually reading get a view or not?

Also, there’s that handy Pin feature, right from the Bloglovin toolbar.  Did you know that when you Pin from Bloglovin, the source is attributed to Bloglovin, and not the original blog??

Check it out:

If I have misspoken, or if you know something that changes any of what I’ve said here, please let me know!  But I think I want to find a different way to follow blogs.

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Sara Smith

Friday 12th of June 2015

Yeah...Bloglovin' has definitely gotten a bit shady with their antics. I'm seriously thinking of going elsewhere. I just realised my pins from Bloglovin' takes everyone that clicks on them to the Bloglovin' site and not the original blog -- not cool. I also despise the new frame at the top of the site window. It's too big and interferes with my reading. It's such a huge distraction. And what happened to just following blogs you like? It's so confusing now...I have "friends" but they aren't blog followers...surely if people want to friend you, they like your blog. Why is this now separate? So glad I'm not alone in my thoughts here lol.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.