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Draw and Swap

Back in July I wrote about a week-long craft camp with my girls and some of their friends. This was one of the activities we did, and in case you missed it on Brassy Apple, here it is again.

 And all you need is some blank paper, some crayons, a few players and a timer.

Give everyone a piece of paper and a crayon or two, or access to a whole pile.  Tell them to start drawing whatever they want and set the timer for one minute.  When the timer ends, have everyone put their crayons down and pass their paper one person to the right.  Then will now draw on a new paper and have the choice of continuing the original drawing (add a chimney to the house) or change it up (turn the house into a rocket)

Continue with the timer and passing until everyone gets their original paper back.  Then let everyone describe their picture.  We often hear what they started out drawing, and then other people chime in with what they added.  

If you feel it’s necessary, you may make a rule at the beginning that no one should simply scribble all over the new paper they get so as to not possibly hurt feelings of previous artists 🙂

Feel free to adjust the timer amount as needed…for some kids you may find that a minute is just too short, or it’s too long!

The same concept can be applied to writing silly stories. Each person starts writing a story–2 minutes may be a good time limit here–then before passing to the new author, fold the top of the paper down so only a line or two is visible. The new person then continues writing where the first person left off.  This can lead to some amusing plot twists!   Stories can make several “laps” around the table before you decided it’s time to wrap up each story and then read them aloud.  

Hope your kids will have as much fun with these as mine have!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.