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Harry Potter Musings


I love Harry Potter.
I consider myself a real fan of the books and the movies.
But I have a confession…

I’m not a *super*fan.
I’ve never gone to a midnight viewing or book release.  I don’t know each character’s patronus or the ingredients of Polyjuice Potion. 

So why is it then that I’ve gotten all caught up in the “finality” of it all?  I’m almost dreading going to see this last movie in the theater– because it’s the last one.

It must be because I see the whole Harry Potter series so intertwined with the history I have with my husband.  

Our very first date was opening night of the first Harry Potter movie in November 2001.  We were in college.  I hadn’t read any of the books yet.  But then I did.  By the end of that school year I had read the first two books (and with the crazy classes I was taking, any recreational reading was a huge deal!)  

In May of that year we got engaged but spent most of the summer apart.  He had graduated and already had a job in California, and I split the summer between Utah and Idaho.  I read books 3 and 4, partly feeling like it was something we still had in common, even being so far apart.  We were married in August and saw the 2nd movie that November, nearly like a re-enactment of our first date the year before.

We continued to read the books and see the movies when they were released: one just a few weeks before our second child was born, one while we were on vacation celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary… 

In the next week or so we’ll get a sitter for all the kids and go see the final movie.  I’m pretty sure I’ll cry (I know I did reading the book)  It’s definitely the end of an era.

Certainly not the end of my husband and me though!  I’ll be forever grateful to Harry for bringing us together.  And to my husband for keeping us together.

Plus it’s not really goodbye.  I have kids who love to read you know.  Emily, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Harry. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.