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Glitter Spring Blocks

If you’re not one who likes to mix holidays, now that St. Patrick’s Day is done it’s the perfect time to whip up a bit of Easter or spring decorations.  Spring around here usually just means “more rain”…or “rain still.” But we’ve had a few extra sunny days lately, which is always welcome!  Plus, it makes these blocks extra glittery.

I recently got to try out some Craft Twinkles from DecoArt and come up with an idea for their project library.  It’s a glitter paint which is a great way to add glitter without the mess.  Check it out, it’s really there! Easter Canvases

You can find supplies and steps there too, but here I’m going to share a few more pictures of the process.

You’ll need:
  • Wood Blocks (buy some or cut your own from scraps.  They should be thick enough to stand on their own)

  • Linen or Canvas Fabric (I used canvas drop cloth)

  • DecoArt Craft Twinkles (Galaxy Blue, Sparkling Pink, Lime Green)

  • DecoArt Americana Paint (Snow White, Sea Breeze, Bubblegum Pink, Citron Green)

  • Stencils in Spring Shapes (I found some images that I was able to cut out of freezer paper using my cutting machine)

  • Brushes

  • Fabri-Tac

  • Flat Tacks (I used silver, but any finish would be cool)

Stain or paint wood with brown or black paint (I stained)  Paint all 4 edges with white paint.  You don’t even have to be particularly neat about this.  Paint that creeps over the edge to the front of the block looks cool too.
Cut fabric squares to be just smaller than the block front.  Since I was using freezer paper I next ironed the paper down onto the canvas so the design wouldn’t slip.  

On a protected surface, paint base color first, then add glitter paint after it dries.

Remove stencils and when dry, attach fabric to wood using drops of FabriTac or other glue.

Push a thumb tack into each corner of the wood, tapping with a hammer if necessary.

What shapes remind you of spring?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.