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Gel Nail Polish Organization

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been expanding my collection of gel nail polish colors. They are cured with a lamp, so they come in black bottles to keep the polish protected.

Pretty gel polish organization

I wanted to mark the top of each lid so I could tell what color was inside. My polishes came with stickers and I started by just putting a little blob of polish.

Nail polish blog

But it didn’t look very cute – I knew I could do better 🙂 So I made hearts!


Start by measuring across the top of the nail polish lid. Mine is .55 inches across, and my polishes actually came with a set of circle stickers. If you need to create stickers, cut one from white vinyl for each polish.

In Design Space, create a circle the size of the top of the nail p0lish lid. Then add a small heart to the center to figure the size.

Open my Design Space project here – use as is, or as a starting point.

Create the stencils by centering the heart in a square that’s a little bigger than the top circle. Cut one for each polish – and this is a great way to use up scraps of vinyl, or a color that you won’t use for anything else.

Peach kiss cricut

Center the stencil on a sticker and press just around the heart. Don’t try to stick the rest of the vinyl too hard because you want to be able to take it off.

how to organize gel polish

Dab a bit of polish on the heart and peel off the stencil and discard.

Nail polish heart stencil

When a few are done, cure under the LED lamp for the required time. For this polish, it’s 2 minutes.

Curing gel polish under light

The polish will be a bit sticky at this point. Swipe on a bit of top coat and cure again.

Now the stickers are ready to apply. I made sure to line the heart up with the center of the nail polish bottle.

For my white polish, I cut a heart from white vinyl and put it on a black circle.

Gel polish heart labels

I also created stickers for the Base coat and Top coat.

Base and top coat gel nails

I cut black for the stickers and small words from white vinyl.

Labels for nail polish organization

Vinyl nail polish label

Now it’s easy to tell which colors I have, and they look so cute organized together.

Then you can pick up a cute clear acrylic storage tray (holds 16) or a larger step organizer – or browse others on Amazon.

Organize gel polish

Have you done your own gel manicures at home?

Home gel manicureWhat are some of your favorite colors?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.