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Frequently Asked Questions About Cricut

I sometimes include affiliate links in my posts. I share products that I use and love, and if you purchase through my links, your cost stays the same but I get a small percentage sent back to me. So thank you! Additionally, this post is brought to you by Cricut.
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Cricut machines. I have answered them in 12 different posts over the last few months, and I thought it would be handy for you if there were all linked up in one place.

Click on any of the questions and you’ll go to the post where you can read all about the answer, and get great ideas on what you can make with your machine.

1) What is the Cricut machine and what can I do with it?

2) How does the Cricut machine work?

3) Can I upload my own images with Cricut?

4) What different materials can I cut with Cricut?

5) What kinds of different DIY projects can I make with Cricut?

6) How easy is it to upload my own images with the Cricut?

7)  Will it be easy for me to use the Cricut software to create Make it Now projects?

8)  Will it be easy for me to learn the Cricut Design Space software to create my own custom projects?

9)  How is the Cricut different from competitive cutting machines?

10)  Will I be required to use cartridges with the Cricut?

11)  What tools and accessories to I need to use a Cricut?

12)  Will I use the Cricut machine enough to justify the price?

Do you have a Cricut already? What do you use it most for? Did I miss any questions you still have? Let me know and I’ll answer them for you!

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Cherish Hartings

Monday 23rd of December 2019

I have a cut out of a quote that is in Monotype Corsasive in 73.26 and 36 points. When I cut it, my cricut is pulling up the letters as it is cutting. I have cleaned the blade and housing unit, adjusted the pressure, tried several different types of vinyl settings. Do you have any idea what could be causing this to happen and how to fix it?


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Oh no, sounds frustrating! It's possible that it's just too small - would you be able to try cutting it any larger? You might also try the "intricate cut" setting. It's technically for cardstock, but change the pressure setting to "less" and see if that makes any difference.

You've said the blade is clean, which is great - but do you have a brand new one you could try? Let me know if any of those things help!


Tuesday 15th of January 2019

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ursula tintinger

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Hi. I just purchased a cricut. My question is if I have an image that is already preprinted. Say from a free site that lets you print them, is it possible to use the cricut to cut them out?


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

If your picture is already printed out, you won't be able to get the Cricut to cut it as everything needs to go through Design Space. If you have the images in digital form though, you can upload them and use the Print then Cut feature. Here's some directions of how to do that:


Monday 18th of June 2018


I downloaded a Disney font waltograph and when I tried to write it with my machine it gives me outline letters. How do I make it that the machine writes it filled in or one line?

Hope you can help Thanks

Stephanie Paxman

Monday 18th of June 2018

Yeah, the pen will follow the outline of all fonts, just like if the blade were cutting out each letter. The exception is if you choose a Cricut font either a "writing style." Hope that helps!

Karen Foertsch

Saturday 14th of April 2018

I purchased a font from the cricut fonts but when I go to make it and the mat shows up, the purchased font is not there. The free cricut font is there but not the purchased font. Why is that?


Sunday 15th of April 2018

Hi Karen, Have you tried searching for the font by name, up in the font menu? You add your text to the screen. Click on it, then click the arrow next to Cricut Sans. Then the whole font box comes up and there's a search bar. Or, you can scroll down through the list. Does that help, or is it still not showing up?

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