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Duct Tape Pouch

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter!  We did, and had fun over spring break too.  There was one day of nice weather, and the rest of the time was spent playing indoors, watching a couple Harry Potter movies, making things, and we spent a day at the OMSI too.
Here’s a picture I took of the kids before church yesterday.  I made the necklaces for the girls and Asher’s tie (from one of Daddy’s old shirts!)

I recently got to check out some more duct tape from ShurTech. 

I’ve had this little zipper pouch for years and decided it was time to freshen it up a little.  


I covered each side with strips of tape, matching up the pattern of course, and trimmed the edges with an exacto knife.  To make sure the edges didn’t peel up, I ran a bead of glossy accents to seal it around the perimeter.

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Much better now, yeah? 

This is what I did to my calendar.  It used to look kind of like this (only in black and white)