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Cute Kitchen Towels Gift Set with Iron-on Vinyl

Everyone needs a few easy gift ideas up their sleeves for the holidays, or new neighbors, or good friends. These cute kitchen towels are great alone or as a set. Dress them up even more with some baking mixes or tools, and everyone is sure to love them.

Funny kitchen towels, funny puns

First, let’s do a refresher on iron-on vinyl. It’s also called heat transfer vinyl or HTV. The adhesive is activated with heat, and it’s very durable. So it works great on fabrics and fuzzy materials. Iron-on vinyl has 2 layers – the actual vinyl, and a clear plastic carrier sheet.

When cutting iron-on vinyl, the shiny plastic must go down on the mat, because you’ll be cutting just through the vinyl layer on the back side. This is why the design always has to be mirrored before cutting – when you flip it over after cutting, then it will be right!

mirror images in design space

When you weed iron-on vinyl, it’s the same concept as will regular adhesive vinyl. Use a weeding tool to pull the unneeded vinyl away from the plastic carrier sheet. What’s great is that the vinyl isn’t sticky, so it’s not going to accidentally stick down to another part of your design and ruin it.

The plastic carrier sheet works as built-in transfer tape. It holds all the pieces of your design in exactly the right place. It also protects the vinyl while it’s being pressed.

Putting iron on vinyl on kitchen towels

With all that, let’s start on the towels.

Supplies you will need:

As mentioned before, make sure that you click MIRROR for all mats, place the shiny, plastic side down onto the mat, and set the material to “iron-on” (or, if you’re using a different type like SportFlex, or Glitter, then search the material settings to select the right one.)

Weed out the extra vinyl. I always start with the outside section first. Then it’s easier for me to work my way in and see what should be left, and what should be removed. (For example, usually you remove the insides of letters, right? But see in the “bake it” towel, the insides of those letters stay, and the word gets taken out!)

Kitchen towel gift set

Heat the EasyPress 2 to 315 (or to the correct setting for your specialty iron-on – see this interactive EasyPress guide.) Heat up the towel for 5 seconds. This removes any excess moisture, resulting in better results, as well as smoothing out wrinkles.  (Read this EasyPress review for more info.)

Life is what you bake it

Place the iron-on vinyl design down on the towel. I centered the design and put it 2-3 inches above the bottom of the towel. If the different layers of plastic will interfere with the placement of multiple colors, press them one color at a time.

iron on vinyl on kitchen towel

With medium pressure, heat the iron-on with the EasyPress for 30 seconds. Flip the towel over and press for 5 seconds. Then peel off the plastic carrier sheet.

Cute kitchen towel diy

Which cute kitchen towels are your favorite?

Cute Kitchen Towels

Yield: 3 Kitchen Towels

Iron-on Vinyl on Kitchen Towels

Funny kitchen towels, funny puns

Use these towels as cute gifts, especially with a baking mix and spoon or spatula.


  • Flour sack kitchen towels
  • Iron-on vinyl in assorted colors (black, teal, pink, etc)


  • Cricut machine
  • Weeding tools
  • EasyPress 2
  • EasyPress 2 mat


  1. Open Design Space file and edit if desired
  2. Cut iron-on vinyl, being sure to mirror design and place vinyl face down on mat
  3. Weed excess vinyl
  4. Heat EasyPress to 315 and preheat towel for 5 seconds
  5. Position design on towel and press for 30 seconds
  6. Flip to back and heat 5 seconds
  7. Remove plastic while warm (warm peel)

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how to put iron on vinyl on towels

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aundria gerhart

Friday 21st of February 2020

what would your care after instructions be? couldn't a wash and dry mess up vinyl?


Tuesday 25th of February 2020

Great question! I have been using mine as regular kitchen towels for over a year, and the vinyl is holding up great! They can get a little wrinkly out of the dryer - as you'd expect a kitchen towel to do - but I don't take any extra care with these. Just toss them in with any other kitchen towels I have. Hope that helps!

cathy deecher

Friday 7th of June 2019

love the tutorial, I have a new cricut machine , where did you get the cute sayings? [email protected]


Saturday 8th of June 2019

Thanks! I actually designed them in Design Space, and you can access the same project by clicking the link in the post that says "open the Design Space project here." Have fun making them!

Amy Pelzner

Monday 22nd of October 2018

These are so colorful and fun! I love the Dill one the most!


Monday 22nd of October 2018

What a great gift idea!

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