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Cut Cricut Basswood

Did you know that Cricut now sells its own brand of basswood? The quality of the Cricut basswood is better too. I found that it cut more smoothly. Watch how to cut Cricut basswood with the knife blade in the Maker.

Glitter paint blue star

The Cricut basswood is available in two sizes: 11×11 and 6×12. It’s great because it can be hard to find larger pieces of basswood at the craft store. I think the widest I ever found was maybe 8 inches.

Does Cricut cut wood?

Start by taping the basswood on a strong grip mat with painters tape. Tape all 4 sides to make sure that the wood doesn’t shift at all during cutting. Since the blade follows the same cutting path up to 14 times,

tape basswood to Cricut mat

Move white wheels to the right. These are also called star wheels. If they aren’t moved all the way to the side they will leave indented lines all across the wood and may even jam up the machine. This is the reason for making sure the basswood is 11 inches or less wide. It leaves room on the mat for the wheels to still sit and not cause problems.

Install the knife blade. Like this blade storage I have? I made it from chipboard. See how to make a Cricut blade holder here.

Install Cricut knife blade

Click make it and select basswood as the material. Choose the one with the “C” as this icon appears on all Cricut-made materials.

Can I use the Maker Knife Blade with my phone app?

The knife blade can only be used with Design Space on a computer or laptop, no the Design Space app.
Cricut will make several passes. Some of them will be slow and some will be faster. This helps the knife blade cut cleanly down through the basswood.

How does Cricut cut wood

At around pass 9 or 10, check to see if the cut is complete. Press the pause button, but NOT the arrow button. That will cancel the cut altogether and you don’t want that. 

Press pause again and cutting will resume.

Remove the extra basswood and then peel the mat away from the cuts to make sure nothing breaks.

How to cut Cricut basswood

Basswood shapes can then be painted, stained, covered in scrapbook paper or vinyl or iron-on.
I chose to paint them and decorate a mason jar flower holder.

Paint basswood shapes

The red, white and blue make it perfect for the 4th of July.

Best glitter craft paint

Just attach them with hot glue and add flowers in the mason jars.

Basic pointers for cutting basswood with Cricut

  • Use the Knife Blade (not compatible with app)
  • Tape wood down
  • Slide wheels to the right
  • Check on cuts before it finishes

What will you make with your Cricut basswood?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.