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College Student Gift Guide

{Gift ideas for the college student}

If you’ve visited my blog now and then over the last couple of months, you’ve probably seen me mention that I’m back in college again. I thought it would be fun to create a gift guide full of things that current college students would like. It sure is different from when I started over 15 years ago when I knew 3 people with cell phones and was lucky if I had a roommate with a computer.

If your gift-giving list includes people in college, I’m sure you’ll find something fun in this post I’ve put together. There’s also a giveaway down at the bottom, so make sure you see it! You will also find a list of more that 50 other gift guides and giveaways–there will be something for everyone. So sit back, click around, and get a jump start on all that holiday shopping, right from your couch!

Click on each of the item names to be taken right to where you can buy them, or learn more about them. (Many links are affiliate, meaning I can earn a small percentage if you make a purchase, but your cost does not change. Thanks for supporting my blog while you shop!)

$50 +

1) Portable Hard Drive–gone are the days when I used to have to carry around computer disks with my research papers on them. Now these hard drives can store homework, movies, pictures and more, so the student with no computer, or limited storage, can have all the space they need.

2) Noise Cancelling Headphones–roommate’s music and phone calls won’t be distracting any more.

3) Laptop–When I was in college, a notebook was just a 3 ring binder. Now a laptop is pretty much essential for writing papers, doing research, and even communication with professors. (And take my classes for example…they’re all online!) 

Under $40

4) Chipolo Finder–Keys and other items have a way of wandering off, even in small apartments. Find them quickly with this cool tracker that can locate items via bluetooth to your phone.

5) Laptop Case–Keep those computers protected (and as stylish as you want…lots of options)

6) Planner–This 2016 planner from Sugar and Type will help your college student stay organized and set goals. You may even want one of these for yourself! It’s been proven that the process of writing something down actually helps you remember it. (One of you will win one of these!)

Under $20

7) First Aid Kit–Not the first thing you might think of packing when you’re moving out on your own, but everything in this kit, from bandaids to ibuprofin can come in handy to keep in their apartment or even their car.

8) Bluetooth Speaker–Great for those times when the small phone speaker just won’t cut it.

9) Bunk Bed Organizer–Storage space is often at a premium, and this organizer add some more, keeping items within easy reach (especially if you’re on a top bunk!)

10) Wet Cell Phone Recovery–Give this one as a “just in case” and hope their phone never does really end up in the washing machine, or worse.

Under $10

11) Touch Screen Gloves–Stay connected without freezing off fingers! Available in many colors.

12) Water Bottle–Keep them hydrated while walking around campus.

13) Head Massager–Great stocking stuffer, and, if you’ve never tried one of these, surprisingly relaxing!

14) Pens–These happen to be my favorite kind of pen, and they’re not expensive, which is even better.

Do you have another awesome gift idea for a college student? Leave a comment so we can all check it out!

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L J Dogsmom

Saturday 7th of November 2015

I am thinking I should investigate Instagram but then I'd never get ANYthing done.This year I have TWO college students to buy for, one easy, one a lot tougher.

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