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Chalkboard Shopping List (and a new frame)

It’s not a new idea, but I needed a place in the kitchen to write down ingredients I had run out of.  I didn’t want to hang anything on the new fridge (our doors are magnetic but I’ve been afraid that they would leave scratches in the finish–plus I like the look of a cleared-off fridge), and I didn’t want to put any paint (even on the inside) of our brand new cabinets.

I’d thought about picking up some chalkboard vinyl, but I already had chalkboard spray paint in the garage.  So I used what I had around.  I had half a piece of posterboard left over from a sign I had to make.  I cut it to the right size to fit in my cupboard door and sprayed a couple of coats on.

After rubbing chalk all over and wiping it off I taped it up to the inside of my cupboard.  I also stuck a piece of chalk in the drawer right next to those cupboards–or what use would it be?  Here’s to hoping it works for me!

I’ll also show you a quick frame redo I just did, since it’s not exciting enough to get its own post.

It’s my husband’s birthday on Saturday, so I dubbed it birthday week and every day I’ve left him a little surprise in his truck.  Yesterday it was a recent picture of the two of us.  

Here’s the frame that I picked up at Goodwill.

Not too bad, but it was scuffed up and a little dull in places–and the reddish color wasn’t quite right for the photo.  So I blasted it really quickly with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  And of course put in a lovely picture of yours truly and the birthday boy.  Our daughter took the picture, and I toned down the colors so it’s almost sepia looking.

 There you have my two most recent super-easy projects!

**I have now added some vinyl to it and made a menu list too.  You can check them out here **

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.