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Vacation Photo Scavenger Hunt

Want to make sure you don’t get bored on vacation? You will love this idea for adding extra memories to your trip! 

A couple of weeks before we left I asked around for some ideas to put together a scavenger hunt for our Portugal vacation.  It turned out to be a great activity to add to our time together because it added one other element to just walking around and looking at stuff.

Here you can see all our pictures and what they each crossed off our list.  If you provided some of our ideas, thank you!!

1.    Red door

2.    Picture with a local having a drink (out to dinner with a friend from when we were missionaries together!)

3.    Portuguese flag

4.    Local wildlife  (a lizard)

5.    Native plants  (kumquat)

6.    Food you wouldn’t find at home (bacalhau..salted cod)

7.    Lace

8.    Cakes/ pasteries

9.    Eating a Portuguese candy bar

10.   Old building

11.   Planking on the street

12.   5 landmarks    
13.   Free public restroom  (in a mall)

14.   A fountain

15.   An ally
16.   Arch

17.    Bridge

18.    Road sign

19.    Morning sky

20.    Your shadows

21.    Transportation (famous tram car)

22.    Tiles

23.    Handmade pottery

24.    Soccer team pride

25.    Roman ruins (inside an old church)

26.  I bought this  (my new favorite scarf)

27.   Mailbox  

28.  Thing that starts with F  

(Francezinha…a national dish especially famous in Porto)
29.   Kiss

30.   Light

31.   Four things (4 candy bars)
32.  7 o’clock  (am–sunrise from our hotel room)

33.    The view

34.    Reflection

35.    Money

36.    Close-up

37.    Someone on a bike being chased by a dog (hard to see, I had to zoom in pretty far 🙂

38.    Street with missing cobblestone

39.    Statue missing finger or hand

40.   Flags
41.    Statues
42.  How the locals decorate  (bell bottoms turned into planters) 

44.   Parked bikes

45.   Spring flowers

46.   Local menus
47.   Portuguese puppies

48.   A cross  (this particular one is in a cemetery  but of course we saw them everywhere)

From our list of 50 things to find we only missed two…a picture of an old man giving a woman a flower and a Justin Beiber poster.

But you should have seen how excited we both were when we walked into a pet store at one of the malls and both shouted, “Portuguese puppies!” 🙂

And just for you I’ve included a couple of printable lists for you to take on your vacation!  I’ve taken out a few of the things that were specific to Portugal (Portuguese flag is changed to just flag, for example)

When you download the list, it opens as a word document, so you can also go in and customize some of the items if you want.  I hope you’ll try this out on your next vacation and let me know what you think too!

Download Photo Hunt List

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.