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To-Do Tuesday

Ok, I know it’s Wednesday, but I at least started writing this yesterday.  I’m happy to say that my post last week gave me just enough motivation to get a few things done that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I finished up bookshelves for the kids, made rainbow cake pops, and made the laundry sign.  The scrapbook page at least got started, but keep reading to find out why that may or may not be finished any time soon.

Most of the things filling my to do list from now on will be related to our kitchen remodel.  Yay!  And Scary!  Since our project extends into our small family room, it affects my little craft corner.  I’m hoping to set up camp in another part of the house so that I can occasionally bust out a card or something, to keep my sanity.

Wish us luck on the venture, and I hope you like seeing the progress along the way.  Here are some before pictures to get us started.

The kitchen:

Around the corner of the counter is where we pile things:

And we’re in the family room

I know you all love those cords everywhere like I do.  Hmm.  That definitely needs to be addressed.

So, here are a couple of things on my list for this week.

Scrape ceiling.  Have you done the popcorn ceiling before?  We have, in our bedroom.  And this texture is a little different, and little more difficult to remove. 

It’s very thick and sandy.  And painted.  So I have to wet it down a little, scrape off some of the paint, then spray it again and let it soak for a few minutes.  I’m counting this as my daily exercise.  As a side note, we actually like the texture just fine (we have it in our living room as well) but because we’re removing the dropped ceiling over our kitchen (see the first picture) the only way to get matching texture all the way across is to start over.
 For something a little more fun this week though, how about this little zippered pouch from a tutorial at Skip to my Lou.  

I don’t remember how I came across this, but it doesn’t seem as complicated as I would have thought.  I guess we’ll see, right?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.