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Spider Web Game

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween fun! This is the perfect game for a Halloween party, or even at a SpiderMan party. You just need a few materials, and it comes together so fast.

First you’ll need a set of felt spiders.  They’re super easy, and super cute.  You can find all the instructions here: {How to make felt spiders}  

Colorful Felt Spiders by @crafting_rain
Then you need a spider web board. It’s simply made of Velcro hot glued to a black foam board. You can pick one up at the dollar store!

Take the hook side of the Velcro (mine was pretty wide so I cut it into 4 narrow strips) and create a web pattern by crossing 3 long pieces, about 15 inches long each.  Glue them down to the foam board with hot glue or strong glue dots. Then glue down small strips between them.  Look, it doesn’t even have to be totally even!

Velcro Spider Web

Hang the board on the wall or set it up on a picture frame easel.  Give each player their own color of spiders and take turns throwing them at the board to try to get them to stick. 

Based on the ages of the players, you can have them stand farther back from the board to make it harder.  You can also see who can throw their spider closest to the middle.  Most little kids will just have fun trying to get them to stick!

Spider Web Game by @crafting_rain


And I’m curious…do you use spiders in your Halloween decorating?  These will be the only ones we have at my house. Spiders that look remotely real make me jump every time 🙂

If you make some of your own felt spiders, tag me on Instagram (steph_crafting_rain) or leave a picture on my Facebook page. I’d love to see!

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Monday 24th of October 2016

Using velcro-- brilliant! I was thinking of using felt until I happened on this, perfecr!! And the spiders are super adorable!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.