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Siser StripFlock Coasters

Review of StripFlock vinyl sent to me by Siser North America. Post contains affiliate links.

Have any of you guys tried StripFlock vinyl on any of your projects? It’s got such a great soft texture. It’s perfect for baby onesies, like this Where the Wild Things Are onesie I made a few months ago. 

For today’s project I wanted to try it on something other than fabric to see if it would work, and I like the result!

I used the orange StripFlock and cut it with my Cricut Explore. I used the “Iron-On, Glitter” custom setting, and it worked great. Remember to put the vinyl on the mat with the plastic carrier side down. Then weed out the extra vinyl, and the part you’re keeping stays stuck down on the plastic carrier sheet.

I used my iron on a medium-high setting and pressed the vinyl down for 30 seconds on a 4-inch smooth white tile (a little more than than when I used it on fabric, to make sure it adhered to the tile.) The vinyl should cool before you peel off the plastic sheet.

To protect my table surface, I used cork Duck Tape on the under side of each tile.

Have you done many projects with heat-transfer vinyl? Have you used StripFlock before? I’d love to hear about it!

Be sure to download the Siser app to your phone so you can check settings for whatever type of vinyl you’re working with. It will give you recommendations for temperature, time, and even if you should peel the plastic off when the material has cooled off, or is still warm. It’s a super handy tool! Available in Google Play and the App Store.


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Wednesday 26th of December 2018

Did you seal it? How long has it lasted?

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