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Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is a power tool with a small blade capable of cutting intricate shapes, including inside cuts.

Prefer videos? Watch my YouTube Scroll Saw series

Even though your fingers get quite close to the blade, it’s pretty easy to control the wood. I have been scrolling for a year and a half three years and have had no accidents.

I use it for making name signs and holiday signs, plus other decor.

I mostly cut ¼ inch MDF. It’s easy to cut, isn’t expensive and can be primed and painted any color.

  • Dewalt Scroll Saw (this is the one I use, but you can also check around to see if you can find a used one locally to try out a bit to make sure you like it. But there is a difference between cheap saws and more expensive ones.)
  • Reverse tooth blades – most teeth point down, but a few at the bottom point up, making the backside of the cutouts cleaner.
  • Sandpaper 240
  • Primer this is the kind I get – but you’ll find it cheaper at the hardware store.
  • Spray paint or brush paint
  • Face mask – don’t want to be breathing in that dust! 
  • Safety glasses – you only have one pair of eyes.

I’m working on some more detailed info in beginner posts, so if you have questions, be sure to let me know so I can include answers!

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