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Pass it On–Button Pouches

Have you heard about the Pass it On Project?  It started here
and I’ve kind of seen two versions of it floating around–some people are saying that they received 2 gifts…one to keep and one to pass on.  Then they pick 2 new people to send 2 things to.  The instructions I received didn’t say anything about including something to pass on, just to pick 2 people to send gifts to.

I thought it would be really fun to pick people who I actually got to meet in person while at SNAP.  Jonie from Just Between Friends and Nat from My Sister’s Suitcase each got a package with a little button pouch and a pair of paper earrings.

I’ve already posted about how to make paper earrings.  

And today I’ll show you how to make the lined button pouch.

You’ll need:
liner fabric and outer fabric–each 10.5 x 6.75 inches
a button
sewing machine–and probably your manual if you don’t sew button holes very often (like me!)
a strip of contrasting fabric for the flower (I ripped my strip so that it would have some “rough” edges)
beads or gems for the center

Sew lining and outer fabric, right sides together, leaving a couple inch gap along one side.  Turn it right side out, iron, and top stitch all around the edge–it seals the hole and makes the whole piece lay nicely.

Fold up about 3.5 inches and sew up the sides, close to the edge.

Mark button hole on the top flap and sew it–this is where the manual comes in handy–read up on how to sew a button hole with your machine!  I actually have an automatic button hole kit that I bought with my machine, and once I get it set up it runs hands free until the button hole is all done.  (practice on some scrap fabric if you want!)  Then cut the slit for the button to actually go through.

Mark with a pencil through the button hole to determine where the button should go and sew it on by hand.

Make a rolled fabric flower with your long strip and either sew by hand (or hot glue like me!) to the front of your pouch.  Embellish with beads if you want.  

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Then use it to hide things in your purse like cash, chapstick, or that fun stuff you need once a month.  Or if you want to make some friends, stick some earrings in there and send it off.  (As a random side note, if you’re sending something away, check your pictures first.  I wasn’t thrilled with the lighting of these when I went to edit them, but the packages were already gone 🙂

For more canvas ideas, check this list of 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.