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One time when my husband and I were first dating we went to his sister’s house for dinner and games.  Her youngest son was about 5? 6?  (I can hardly remember my age now, so don’t expect me to remember someone else’s age a long time ago!)

Anyway, he was playing this game with me where he’d give me a list of things and I had to guess their category.  

One went something like: “This table, my shoe, the clock.”  
My guess:  “Thinks in this room?”
“No,” he said.  “Miscellaneous!”

Still makes me chuckle 🙂

That’s today’s category too.  A few random tips that aren’t really substantial enough to stand alone, but also aren’t connected.  So here we go.

DISHES….All the plastic kids dishes (raise your hand if you have these from IKEA too!) are stored in one plastic bucket in a lower cabinet.  The kids can reach them, they don’t spill out all over a shelf, and I can set it right on the counter for easy unloading from the dishwasher.

PILLOWS…To put pillowcases on really fast and make sure the corners of the pillow are actually down in the pillowcase, I turn the pillowcase inside out first.  I stick both hands in the pillowcase and grab the corners of the pillow.  Then I take one hand out, grab the pillowcase and pull it up over itself.  I then hold the top of the pillowcase, give it a little shake, and the pillow’s in! 

MENU…I finally found a use for those whole-month pages in my calendar: I write out my menu plan on them.  I have my daily calendar right there so I can see if there’s an evening activity that needs a quick meal or if my day is jam packed with errands and appointments so I won’t be in the kitchen.  Plus I’m at least a little more likely to commit to it if I’ve written it down first.  And if I want a little extra motivation still, I transfer the list to my weekly chalkboard menu made from poster board–then it’s visible to my husband as well! 

I guess none of these are earth-shattering, and maybe most people already do them.  I take small steps around here.  Do you have any random tips to share?  I’d love to hear them!  Feel free to leave a blog link as well.

**After posting this, I had a few requests for the Maple Salad listed in the picture above.  So I took some pictures and put the recipe up for you.  Yes, you can thank me.  And I hope you like it!**

Maple Apple Chicken Salad



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.