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Inside Out Game and Snacks

I had so much fun creating this printable Inside Out game. Make the snacks too, and have a whole movie night!

Inside out Game

For the Inside Out game we try to guess the emotion/ character. I based it on the board game Moods but made it entirely kid-friendly.

Print out and cut up the sheet of phrases and make 5 colored gems (glass pieces with colored paper glued on the back side.)

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To play, each person takes a phrase and picks out a colored gem from a bag so no one else can see what color it is (then put it bag in the bag).

Then say the phrase using that emotion and everyone else guesses who they are. It can get pretty funny, especially if you’ve got little kids to play with.

There’s no points or scoring, just play so everyone gets a few turns choosing a colored gem and repeating a phrase.

Write your own phrases too – kids can help come up with them!

Inside Out Movie Snack

The movie themed snack is colorful and easy to make.

The free printable from the form above also includes bag tags for Mixed Emotions.

Dip Peanut Butter Pretzels into melted colored candy melts. Michaels or Amazon has tons of color options!

To save money, dip the pretzels in just white candy melts, or white chocolate chips, then add colored sugar sprinkles. A rainbow set of those is cheaper than 5 bags of candy melts.

You could also use candies like Skittles in place of candy coated pretzels.

Fold and staple the tags over the top of the baggies filled with the snack. Aren’t they cute?

We really liked Inside Out, and it gives us a fun way to talk about what we’re feeling and how decisions shouldn’t be made out of anger.

I also liked asking my kids what “Islands” they have. It helps them think about what’s important to them right now.

If you’ve seen Inside Out, I’d love to hear who’s your favorite character? (I’m of course quite fond of all the mom-emotions.) And you now have a couple of extra good ideas to add to your Inside Out movie night with family or friends. Enjoy!

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David Dial

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

What a great way to tie the movie into 'real life'! Inside Out is a great family movie...we loved it! Thanks for sharing! #client

Holy Craft

Monday 9th of November 2015

I haven't seen the movie but I am so glad to hear it's out now. Going to go pick it up to watch with the kids! This game looks super fun. A winning combination!

Lara Neves

Monday 9th of November 2015

The game sounds really fun. We really loved this movie.

Danielle Pientka

Monday 9th of November 2015

I loved that movie! Joy is my favorite :)

Cari Dunn

Monday 9th of November 2015

We loved Inside Out! We saw it at the drive in, but I am definitely buying the movie. Cute game!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.