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How to Discover Your Style

Ever wish you had a stylist in your closet, ready to pick out your outfits and make you look your best?  Yeah, me too…but that’s not gonna happen 🙂  But I got to read an ebook that comes pretty close and it’s easy to follow!

My friend Ashley (at Flats to Flip Flops) wrote a book called Discovering Your Style in 7 Days or Less and not only does it have great information, there are assignments and checklist so you can really make progress.

I used it help me shop and pack for my vacation last month. One thing I discovered is that I like the look of layers, colors and even mixing patterns, but I didn’t have the clothes that matched that.  I found that by just purchasing a few new items I could create several outfits.

Here are some examples from our Portugal pictures.  (My regret was that I couldn’t bring my flat iron–we were afraid that it would fry even with a converter over there.  But then it was so windy most days I just pulled my hair in a ponytail anyway 🙂

Yellow sweater, red jacket, jeans and an orange scarf 
(that I bought there in Portugal!)

Teal shirt and scarf, white jacket and purple pants.

Striped shirt, pink floral scarf and jeans.

White ruffle tank, chambray shirt, coral pants.

So thanks for your help Ashley.  How do you guys all think I did?  If you’re ready to breath some new life into your wardrobe but don’t quite know where to start, now you know where to find help!  Discovering Your Style in 7 Days or Less

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.