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Glitter Nativity Ornaments

If you haven’t ever made glitter ornaments yet, run to the store for some supplies right now!  They are so easy, fun, and pretty!  This isn’t really a “how to” post so much as just a “look what I made” post.  There are several good instructions and even videos online for how to make these.  

Still, here is a picture of the supplies I used, in addition to clear glass bulbs.

 A couple of tips I really did like are to swirl the wax slowly around in the ornament so that it doesn’t create bubbles.  Another was to pour the excess wax  from the ornaments into a separate cup (instead of back into the original container)  It’s easier so it saves time.  Empty it back into the bottle when you’re all done.

I also noticed that if I poured wax from a cup (my Pyrex above) instead of squirting it from the bottle it made fewer bubbles.  If there are bubbles, you run the risk of not having the glitter cover the glass entirely. 

And lastly, tack cloths are a great way to clean up any stray glitter. Any kind will work, you don’t need the fancy “craft” one.

The colors I used are Martha Stewart Turquoise, Tourmaline and Hematite.  I was able to make 13-14 ornaments from one jar of glitter.   

I cut a small vinyl nativity and placed it on each ornament.  As you know, it’s quite tricky getting a flat item to lay down nicely on a sphere (world maps anyone?)  So I purposefully chose an image with thin lines and lots of breaks so I could tweak it when needed as I pressed it down on the ornament. 

These will all be gifts–hope the recipients like them!

Get your supplies:
clear glass ornaments
floor wax

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