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Flower Stencil Pillow

{How to Stencil a Pillow}
Thank you Royal Design Stencils for sending some supplies for this stenciled pillow! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I loved working on this pillow because my daughter and I got to do it together! She has some colors picked out that she’d like to use to decorate her room, and one of those is purple. So we picked this really pretty, Lilac Creme Paint from Royal Design Studio, and the Deco Flower Stencil.

 It was so easy too. My daughter did almost all of it by herself, and it took us 1 hour start to finish.

The pillow and pillow cover came from IKEA. We went with black because the paint contrasts great on it. You could get the same one, a different one, or make your own. This was definitely the easiest (and pretty cheap too) way to go.

Center the stencil on the pillow cover.  We positioned it so the cover zipper was on the bottom. Emily had the great idea of taping down the corners so it didn’t shift. I was ready to just start attacking it with the paint, but of course she was right to tape it down first!

Next you’ll need a paper plate so you can load the 1″ stencil brush with paint properly. The stencil comes with great instructions on how to do this. But basically you want to get some paint on your brush, then tap it up and down a few times on the plate to spread it evenly through the bristles, and then tap once on a paper towel so there’s not too much paint. If there’s too much paint on the brush it can bleed under the stencil.

Then the paint the areas inside the stencil. We had to hold it down in a few places so it wouldn’t lift up as we were painting. Like I said, it took about an hour to cover the whole stencil and then it was time to remove the tape and lift it up. When the paint is completely dry, put the actual pillow inside the cover.

Look how great it turned out! I love that Emily did so much work on it, and she’s so proud of it sitting in her room now. Even if it takes us a while to finish the rest of the decorating she wants, at least we got started!

Do you like this look? As part of my Craft Month, A-Z series, there’s a giveaway coming up in a few days that Royal Design Studios is helping out with, so be on the look out for that.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.