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Duck Tape for Back to School at Walmart

I know some of you (your kids) are back in school already, but we still have some summer left.  Yay!  This is when we get some of our best weather, so I’m glad we can be out enjoying it and not stuck in a school schedule yet.  

I have finished all our school shopping though, because I don’t want to be stressing about that later.  Plus all the sales are now.  Check out what I found on my latest trip to Walmart. 

Duck Tape Pencil Box via Crafting in the Rain

Did you know you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart?
I actually have several rolls in my collection already, but my girls and I could not resist this new peacock pattern.  I love that they keep coming out with new patterns–something for every taste!
There are tons of fun back to school type projects you could whip up with your kids with Duck Tape® like making a pencil holder out of an empty can
covering a boring pouch,
decorating a notebook or calendar,
or even revamping a tired pair of boots!
With our new tape, my girls and I decided to makeover their pencil boxes. Since the box lids were textured, and the colors matched perfectly, we only wrapped tape around the bottom half.  I cut slits in the corners the tape would fold under the bottom better.  Now they have unique boxes that they love!
Have you done some Duck Tape® back to school projects?  Leave a link, I’d love to come check them out! Then be sure to follow @theduckbrand for more inspiriation and pick up some Duck Tape® on your next trip to Walmart.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.