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Duck Tape Covered Boots

Duck tape or Duct tape?
“I’ve heard it both ways”  (25 bonus points if you know the tv reference)

(“Duck” is the brand, “Duct” is the type of tape used for duct work)

I used Duck brand tape (about $3 at Michaels after coupon) in this cool houndstooth pattern to fix up my black boots that were starting to fall apart.  The leather was starting to wear near the zippers, there was a small tear here, and the toes where all scuffed up.

I wiped them down and then applied black scuff cover all over the bottom and heel of the boot to spruce them up a little.

Then I started slapping strips of tape on the boots, making sure to leave about an inch of overhang on top to fold down into the top of the boot.  I got about this far and thought–what in the world am I doing?  

I had to make several cuts with scissors to get the tape to  lay down right around the curves.

But when it was all done, it acutally looked pretty good, so I did the other one too.

And here’s the finished pair.  What do you think?  I have no idea how they’ll hold up, and I certainly won’t be able to wear them in the pouring rain (which we do get here sometimes)  But I at least extended their life and kept them from the trash pile for now!

Houndstooth Boots via Crafting in the Rain

**A couple of people guessed my Psych reference right!**

**Someone asked how I did the tape around the zipper–I just did both sides of the zipper with strips of tape first, just covering up the edge of the leather but not taping on the actual zipper.  I made cuts in the duct tape as needed on the non-zipper side so it would lay flat**

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.