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Dancing and Vacuuming

{Tips for a clean house, fast}


I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I love having a clean house, but I don’t always love the work it takes to get there. I do admit that vacuuming is my favorite chore, but the rest has to get done too. Have you had days like this where messes just seem to multiply? 

We put it off because we don’t make it fun! What if I told you I had a secret strategy for pumping up your day and ending up with a cleaner house all in just 3 songs? Here are my current choices.
“Slide” by Goo Goo Dolls
“Roar” by Katy Perry
“Stay Stay Stay” by Taylor Swift
Cue up 3 of your favorite songs from your play list and do the following.


Song 1: Pick up things off the floor. Look for stray toys, abandoned shoes, trash, and anything else that will trip you when you’re not looking. I love starting with the floor; I feel like it gives me the freedom to walk around again.
Song 2: Tackle the other big flat surfaces. Remove clutter from tables like the coffee table, entry table, dining table, etc. Then take a look at the TV stand or bookshelves if there’s still time. You’re not dusting or rearranging knickknacks here, just putting away things that don’t belong on those flat spaces and maybe stacking the magazines back up.


Song 3: Vacuum. It’s my favorite part! When we started remodeling our house I kept thinking, “Why are we getting rid of all this carpet….vacuuming is my favorite chore!” Well, it still is my favorite, and with the Eureka Suction Seal 2.0 vacuum I can tackle all the flooring we have in our house. There’s tile in the kitchen and bathroom, laminate wood in the living room and my bedroom, carpet in the girls’ room and rugs as well.


So I crank up my favorite last song so I can hear it over the vacuum and clean up everything from cereal under the table, dog hair, (my hair!) leaves and pine needles that are tracked in on everyone’s shoes and, what-is that glitter? Not a problem!


Just one pass takes care of the oatmeal mess from breakfast too. It cleans up your bigggest messes because it has plates that raise and lower against surfaces, maintaining suction without scattering debris everywhere. I just loved how grounded it felt, not slipping and sliding all over my laminate flooring. 

It totally passed the oatmeal and Goldfish tests.


Right now you can pick up the Eureka Suction Seal 2.0 at Walmart for just $129, on rollback from $148.88. 

I want to know, what would be on your 3-Song Cleaning Playlist? Share so I can get some more great ideas!
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Richard C. Lambert

Sunday 8th of November 2015

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