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DIY Disney Fanny Pack

We’re back from vacation!  California was lots of fun, but isn’t it always so great to come home and sleep in your own bed?

If we’re Instagram buddies then you saw a few bits here and there of our trip, and maybe even saw that we have pet goats now!  That’s a whole post by itself for another day.

But today I will share a few vacation pictures and even my cute fanny pack I made for Disneyland!  What? You say there’s no such thing?  Ok, you’re probably right.  Maybe “cute-ish” is the word.

We survived an 18 hour car ride

Spent 2 days at Disneyland

Went to the beach

I met and had a great visit with Jaime from Polkadots on Parade

And played with lots of cousins and Grandma and Grandpa

On to my fanny pack (we were bringing a stroller into the park, but I wanted to keep our tickets, phone, camera and chapstick on my person at all times)  I bought this zipper pouch at IKEA for about $4, an 1/8 yard of fabric and a package of D-rings.  

I cut my fabric in half the long way and sewed one strip into a tube, then turned it right side out.  I sewed it onto the pouch as best I could (I couldn’t reach all the way to the ends with my sewing machine and I was in a hurry–no hand stitching here!)  

Then I attached the D-rings to one end of the “belt” and turned in the other end and sewed it closed.   Then, since I can’t think of another time I’ll use it, I decorated it just a little for Disneyland–Mickey head and ear rosettes from the other half of my fabric strip.

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If I were to do it again, I would either add interfacing to the belt part, or just use nylon straps (you can find these on the notion wall at Joann’s) to make it sturdier so it wouldn’t slip through the D-rings with the weight of the items in my pack.

Anyway, there you have my cute(ish) fanny pack!  Or hip pack.  Whatever.  Have you, or would you, wear one at Disneyland?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.